Live Dealer Online Casino: Why It’s Crucial for The Industry


The iGaming industry, aka the online casino industry, is effectively on two different paths at the development level. On the one hand, there is the development of virtual games. This has, of course, been on-going for around a quarter of a century. Technology has facilitated incredible changes, and many of the virtual games are unrecognisable from their forbears that first appeared in the mid-90s. 

The second area of development involves live dealer casino. Arguably, it’s more interesting. Not because it is more important – both are integral – but because even industry experts are unsure of where the endpoint lies with these new gaming concepts. At the moment, we can only speculate on an exciting future which hints at changes across all forms of entertainment which includes playing online poker.  

To begin with, an explainer on live dealer casino. If you look, for example, at live dealer casino in Canada, which has a bustling iGaming industry, you will see that there is a blend of classic games and new gaming concepts. The classic games – blackjack, roulette, poker, and so on – involve real action streamed from live studios. Console technology allows for bets to be placed in real-time, providing a seamless experience. 

Live Experience Exceeds Expectations 

Nothing; not the wheels, cards, bets, outcomes or croupiers are different from a real casino. And, the suspicious among you can rest easy because the results are checked for fairness at licensed casinos by regulatory bodies like eCOGRA and TST. 

As you might imagine, live dealer games, which first appeared in the mid-2010s, really took off at online casinos. We can only speculate as to the psychology of players, but we can assume that many were enthused by the opportunity to play ‘real’ games of chance instead of games where the outcome is determined by software. It’s not commonly known, but virtual games mimic the house edge of real games, so there isn’t any discernible advantage. 

As to the future of live dealer casino, we are starting to see glimpses of it now. Effectively, it involves changing the rulebook when it comes to traditional games. So, what do we get? Well, games like Quantum Blackjack Live and Quantum Roulette Live, which fuse real play and technology to deliver bigger – much bigger – prizes than you would see at a typical casino resort. Or Age of the Gods Roulette Live, which ties in a massive global progressive jackpot, randomly awarded to a player. 

New Gaming Concepts Launched in Live Studios 

And yet, there is also a push for different types of games. Developers are pushing game-show style concepts on the live casino platform, and it’s proving to be a big success. Evolution Gaming has released titles like Monopoly Live and Deal or No Deal Live, both of which use technology for an interactive experience. 

But perhaps the most interesting evolution has been the rise of live slot machines. Of course, playing slots was always viewed as a solitary experience, but the new slots in studios concept is very much a communal one. Players win and lose together, with chat and interaction facilitated by a live studio host. It hints at a broader trend; namely that we view the online world as perhaps our first port of cal to socialise.

It’s a fair assumption to say that live dealer casino has been successful so far. But many believe that it could one day upend the traditional resort casino industry; digitally disrupt it, if you will. Both sectors have co-existed peacefully, but the trends in all entertainment or moving into the virtual space, and the iGaming industry has begun to capitalise on that fact. 


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