Lost arts that are making a comeback


There are some tradition arts that are in danger of being lost to the annals of time. However, in a backlash against contemporary technology, it appears more and more people are turning to traditional past times for relaxation. Discover the lost arts that are making a comeback and discover a new hobby or two for you and your family to enjoy.


Hand written letters

When was the last time you received a handwritten letter in the post? Email and instant messaging makes communicating with friends in faraway places so much easier, but these methods can never compete with the excitement of receiving a handwritten letter. Purchase some pretty note paper and take a little time to write a letter to someone you know would love to receive a handwritten note. Make the letter even more fabulous by learning How To Make An Envelope.


Thank you notes

It used to be that whenever you received a gift, you would post a thank you card or note to the thoughtful gift-giver. It is almost unheard of for anyone to send thank you notes now, with perhaps only newlyweds sending thank you notes to guests that have given wedding gifts. Thank you notes are a fantastic way to teach children the importance of gratitude, and allows them to practice their handwriting.



The beautiful swirling words of calligraphy make place settings, and letters truly special. Calligraphy can be a hard art to master, but if you have the time to spare, and the determination to succeed you could soon be one of the many contemporaries returning to this lost art. Should you not be the patient type, faux calligraphy could offer the solution as you can use every-day pens to create words in the calligraphy style. There are many free online calligraphy courses and tutorials which beginners will find invaluable.



This generation seems to find disposable fashion the norm. Many children and adults don’t know how to hand stitch a hem, or repair rips in clothing. This simple art should be seen as an essential skill as it can save you money, and will allow you to keep items of clothing you love rather than throw them away when they need to be repaired. If you find that you enjoy sewing, invest in a sewing machine and purchase patterns to create your own clothes, bags, and fabric accessories.



Baking from scratch is definitely a dying art. Packet mixes and premade cookie dough have taken over kitchens all over America, diluting the true art of baking. Children will love to help bake bread, cakes and cookies using individual ingredients, and it will make your family more aware of what actually goes into their food. Aim to bake at least once a week and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with making your own baked goods.

Bringing back these lost arts is easier than you may think, so why not give some, or all of them, a go?



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