Managing Outbound Calls by Utilizing Auto Dialer Software

Technology is ever-changing and it’s only getting easier to manage employees and businesses with the use of virtual call center software. Virtual call center software often includes a great product called auto dialer software.

This handy piece of software automatically dials numbers while the agent is finishing up a previous call, allowing them to seamlessly transition into the new call. Auto dialer software is mainly used for outbound calls: these can seem harder to manage than inbound calls, but they are simply in need of more attention.

And this is what makes auto dialer software such a boon for the outbound call center business. Outbound calls have never been easier to make with this technology, and just a few reasons why that is are listed below.


Autodialers are great for productivity rates. With auto dialer technology, the software can automatically detect if there is a voicemail connected to the line and it will auto-hangup so that the agent can continue making calls.

The software uses an algorithm that ensures the call sample is on par with the needs of the call center. The interval between the calls are decreased and productivity is increased. This is due to the call center software being able to dial dozens of predictive calls before the agent retrieves a call.

Customer and client outreach

The only true way to increase productivity is for each call center agent to reach as many customers as they can during their shift. There is always someone out there who may be interested in hearing you go over your products or services, and the only way to find them is to go through all the bad calls to get to the good ones.

Auto dialer software is great for weeding out certain numbers from a sample to increase the possibility of a sale. These numbers include busy lines, businesses, and other numbers that get caught in the mix, which could possibly slow the call center agent down while they make calls.


Monitoring is very important for productivity. And even though auto dialer software is used with the virtual call center, it is still possible to monitor call center agents both in real time and in recorded calls. The only way to know whether the call center agent is performing well is to monitor their calls.

Virtual based call centers are great for monitoring. The manager of the call center or supervisor can actually listen to recordings of previous calls in order to see if the customer or client was satisfied. Each call is logged once it is complete, and the supervisor or manager can go through calls to ensure that the call center agent is staying appropriate and on task.

Typically, the software can track the employees progress in real-time. This gives the supervisors a better idea of where the employee stands with their training and capabilities, and allows for corrective action before any negative behaviors get worse.

Reaching outbound clients is completely manageable thanks to advancements in call center software. Before the algorithms were created for predictive dialing, it was a hit or miss with every household. Now, it’s possible for call centers to reach thousands of people on a daily basis to spread the word about their product or service, or to contact customers and ask about their satisfaction.

Auto dialers are changing the way calls are being made in call centers across the world. If you give it a chance, your business can be one that will benefit from this product as well.


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