Moving for Your Career: How to Get Your Whole Family On Board


When an opportunity of a lifetime comes up, you cannot pass it up, especially if that opportunity means you and your family can move to one of the most internationally recognized cities in the world – London. This move, however, will be huge. It will be full of changes and new starts, and it is all this new stimulation that could make your family wary. That is why you need to follow this guide to help get your whole family on board for your big move:


How to Make Them Excited

The first step to getting your family on board is to get them excited. With children, this will be quite easy, especially as there is plenty of movies that take place in London that can fuel their imaginations and help them get excited. Opt for children’s movies like Paddington Bear, or even older classics such as Peter Pan or Mary Poppins. This is a great way to show them what their new home will look like, without needing to purchase an extra ticket for a visit.

If your partner is not too keen, on the other hand, you will have to investigate more deeply. Look together and find organizations, classes, and events that he or she can go to, job opportunities, and generally make a list of things to do that they will like. It is far easier to move somewhere that you know you can fit in to, and with London, there are opportunities for everyone.

How to Help Them Settle In

Once you have moved, it’s time to settle in. For your children, this means choosing a school that has great potential and a lot of extra circular opportunities. One of the greatest ways to prepare your children is to enroll them into an International School in London. These international schools are also known as IB Schools. IB, or International Baccalaureate, is an international standard in schooling that places success and learning at its core, with a uniquely libertarian focus. This means that it is one of the best ways to help your children to become conscientious, global citizens, while also making friends and succeeding on their own terms.


How to Help Them Love Their New Home

Social isolation is one of the key factors that lowers a person’s satisfaction with their lives, which is why you should put greater emphasis on ensuring everyone in your family is making connections and making friends. It might seem difficult in London, which is said to be one of the loneliest capitals in Europe, but it is not a guarantee. All you need to do is get out there and to join different groups and organizations. You can even use online resources to make friends online, as there are many expats like yourselves in the same position.

Moving abroad is a huge step for any family, but it can be the best thing for your family so long as you put effort into integrating and connecting with your new home as soon as possible.


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