New Australian Online Gambling Regulations

Not many countries compare to Australia when it comes to gambling. Slots are everywhere, as too is the opportunity to play pokies online. However following much top level political debate, it’s looking like these freedoms are seriously under threat. We’re not going to delve into the morals of the issue here – instead we’ll trust that grown adults are capable of gaming as they see fit. It’s a tricky issue, and problem gambling is something that needs addressed – but is nationwide legislature the best way to combat the issue?

An Overview Of Australian Gambling

There’s a massive exposure to pokies in even the smallest towns. Such small change gaming isn’t a factor, the issue is that as a transaction between individuals it’s in theory taxable. While this carries on with absolute disregard for such a beady eye over the shoulder, many others – especially younger gamers – look ever more for online money play.

The vast majority of international casino/poker based sites fall way outside the long reach of Ozzie laws. Many are based – on paper – within off-shore fellow Commonwealth nations. There’s next to nothing in the way for any vaguely tech savvy Australian to prevent access to these services.

Problem Australian Gambling?

Alan Tudge presented the practical statistics back in 2015. After a nationwide (and very expensive) investigation across the continent, the conclusions are pretty stark. The Guardian reports that around 2.7% of online pokie/slot players have what can be described as a problem or addiction to online play.

In order to place this low figure in order, it’s also necessary to delve a little deeper. The same study concluded that those who have a flutter on a real-life pokie have less than 1% chance of becoming dependent.

Given that the overwhelming majority of wagers placed online are small compared to sportsbook, the notion that there’s an inherent danger to Australians of being especially prone to gambling addiction simply doesn’t stack up.

Online Regulations Are Laughable

To qualify – anyone wanting to gamble irresponsibly ought to look away now.

The reality is that much like the USA and other semi-restrictive states for online gambling, it’s incredibly easy to just get around this anyway. Internationally the world is becoming way less regulated in regards to pokies and slots. Every new site is absolutely based upon developing an online presence, usually paying out in a variety of international currencies that are easily interchanged.

Let’s put it bluntly. The ACMA (Australian Communications & Media Authority) may bark loud, but has next to no practical recourse for any casual player using international services.

Why This Legislation Is Ever More Ridiculous

Let’s face the facts. If you wanted to have a flutter, surely it’s better to do so knowing that the business you’re doing with a service is transparent, reliable and accountable. The major problem with using overseas services is that many aren’t regulated or even monitored by a sensible authority. In a nutshell, there’s not much stopping them just running away/scamming your cash.

Accountability should be at the top of any Australian using online gambling service. Bizarrely the latest burst of legislative pondering is little less than trying to make individuals potential victims. People will gamble, and it should be the state’s intent to regulate and provide a means of protections for those who choose to do so.


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