Overcoming Barriers to Your Career: A Guide

Whether you have decided to go into business, or are looking to achieve a high-powered career, there are many barriers that can prevent you from reaching your full potential. Read on for more information about what you can do to overcome the difficulties that are facing young professionals today.


  • Financial Roadblocks


Your financial situation can have a huge impact on your ability to sustain the career of your choice. Many career-minded people have to find work in order to maintain their finances, preventing them from being able to go to college or university after they leave high school. However, there are a series of solutions that can help anyone from any background to achieve career success in their sector, including business and finance. At asmscholarships.com, they provide the opportunity for students that excel at studying and sport to apply for a scholarship that can provide them with the tuition fees and maintenance loan they need to support them through university.


  • No Qualifications


Although in decades past, you could apply for top jobs without a degree, or work your way up through the business and financial sectors, this is not the case in 2020. Although some companies have scrapped their degree requirements, many employers will only look at the resumes of applicants who have achieved a relevant qualification. If you are looking to overcome education barriers, you should consider alternative ways to start your career, such as opening your own business or becoming self-employed. You should also consider finding different ways to get the experience and expertise that you need, such as embarking on an apprenticeship.


  • A Poor Work Record


If you have been fired from a previous job, or have a poor work record, this can affect your ability to achieve a top-paying job in the future, even if the poor work record was not your fault. The biggest issue with poor work records is that you will be unable to provide a reference for your future employer. Then, you should boost your credentials and provide evidence of your reliability and work ethic. You can do this by taking on volunteering positions, applying for part-time or temporary roles which you may be over-qualified for, and relying on character references. This will help you to get to the interview stage of the job search process.


  • Lack of Experience


Although qualifications are still favored, the job market has recently started to provide a conundrum to early-career individuals. Employers are often looking for experience in order to get a job, however, it is often difficult to find experience without previously working in the sector that you want to break into. Although you might not be able to get experience in the traditional manner, there are still multiple ways that you can gain insight into the industry. For instance, you should consider applying for work placement, an internship, or shadowing opportunities, devising your own project on which to work, and offering to lead different tasks within your current workplace.


  • No Opportunity for Progression


Many individuals feel stuck within their careers because there is no opportunity for progression within their current role. To ensure that you are always moving forward, you should speak to your boss about your desire to get promoted, apply to any fast-track leadership schemes in your company, and prove your expertise to your manager. If you are unable to get promoted internally, you should consider applying for roles that better suit your requirements outside of your current company. 


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