Poor Man Utd score – who is to blame?


Recent seasons in the English Premier League, cup tournaments and European competitions have not been successful for the great Manchester United. A team with a long and glorious history does not play well, despite the excellent lineup and skills, and the current Man Utd score is seriously worrying the fans of the team and star players who previously played for the Red Devils. What happened to one of the best clubs in the world and who is to blame for everything?

There are several opinions about the cause of failure:

  1. Fans find the team leaders guilty as they do not want to get the best football stars to quickly fix the situation, and do not develop youth players. In the new season, the head coach of the team, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, is trying to pay more attention to young talents and let them into the main team, while the president of Manchester United is ready to provide a good amount of money for signings.
  2. The club management is confused why some football players are not doing all their best and have little contact with the fans. At the same time, many people express dissatisfaction with the situation, wanting to leave the team. The leadership qualities are almost not shown by the best player – Paul Pogba, who is dreaming of Real Madrid.
  3. The head coach of the team, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, asks to give him time to settle the situation in the club. During this period, he plans to update the lineup considerably.

While the Man Utd scores are far from the best, other teams are watching what is happening to attract talented players to their clubs, providing the best conditions for them.

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