Professionals You’ll Need to Know as a Real Estate Investor


Home improvement reality shows have shed some light on a secret. The average person can invest in real estate and turn a decent profit. With this realization, there has been an increase in people taking the necessary steps to start their own real estate businesses. From flipping properties to becoming landlords, Americans have discovered a fairly lucrative (not without risks) means of increasing their income. 


What isn’t revealed on most home improvement television shows, however, is that operating a real estate business isn’t a one-man job. There are many different elements to investing in real estate. From choosing the right properties and completing improvements to advertising and closing on the deal, you’ll need the assistance of several professionals. The following is a look at some of the network of real estate professionals it’s good to know. 


Real Estate Agents

Unless you plan on studying to obtain your own real estate license, you’ll need to know a few agents you can trust. Though you’ll have to pay a commission for their services, it’s worth the extensive knowledge they have in the market. The right group of real estate professionals will always know where the best properties are for sale allowing you to get the best deal possible. Their services may also come in handy in selling the properties after they’ve been rehabbed. 


Home Improvement Contractors

Another group of professionals whose services you’ll need quite frequently is home improvement contractors. Their services are essential both before and during the rehab process. You can use contractors when looking at potential investment properties. They can do a survey to determine how much it will cost you to bring the property up to standards. You’d also need to use the contractors to complete the home improvements necessary on any properties you purchase. 


Appraisers and Inspectors

When it comes to evaluating property investment risks and potential profits, there are no two professionals who will serve you better than appraisers and inspectors. It is their job to help you determine the value of the property as it is and how much you could potentially profit after the necessary improvements have been completed. If you’re thinking of renting the property, they can also give you a general idea of how much you could charge each month. 


Notary Public

As a real estate investor, your business often requires you and/or your clients to complete legal documents and forms. In many states, notarizing legal documents and contracts within a real estate transaction is mandatory. Not to mention, it legitimizes everything and protects everyone involved in the deal. Rather than having your clients go find their own notary public (which slows the real estate process down), you can use sites like the following to find your own notary to work with on a regular basis:


Mortgage Loan Providers

Depending on how you plan on funding your real estate investments, you’ll likely need to rely on a mortgage loan provider on occasion. Knowing the ideal company to go to for all your investing needs saves you a lot of time and increases the likelihood of you closing on a property you’re really interested in. Not only do they come in handy for your own investments, but if interested buyers visit your property, you already have a financial institution you can refer them to for loan options. 


Real Estate Attorneys

When completing your real estate deals it is imperative to have an experienced and trusted real estate attorney in your corner. They see to it that all legal documents are drafted appropriately and that your needs and rights during the transaction are met. They can also help you dispute any ownership issues that may arise when trying to acquire a property. 


Real estate investing has proven to be an ideal way to earn some extra money on the side, save up for retirement, get out of debt, or simply increase your monthly income. That is, of course, with the right setup. As with any business, investing in real estate isn’t without its risks. You can decrease the likelihood of those risks and obstacles, however, by getting to know people who have professional experience in the careers listed above. 



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