Protecting Your Home: Your Complete Guide to Home Security


When it comes to home security, you can never be too careful. Protecting the integrity of your home and your possessions is almost as important as protecting the people who reside there – and in both cases, a break-in can be catastrophic. As such, making sensible steps to protect your home from intruders should be one of your top priorities in the coming months. You’ll learn how to best protect your home in this short guide to home security in 2020 and beyond.

Smart Technology

Are you one of those people that worries about having locked the front door when you’re in the office? Then you may benefit from one of the products and services provided by some of the key smart home technology producers across the world. These systems can help you:

  • Check who is at the door when the doorbell is rung, with an installed camera
  • Look around your home with other cameras at key points
  • Lock your door remotely, or unlock it for visitors from your smartphone
  • Maintain an alarm system that’s controlled through your phone, with ping notifications
  • Put your home in total lockdown if you see an intruder outside

All of these features are important for those who are looking to protect their homes in the modern era.

Locks and Keys

You may be surprised to learn that there are different levels of locks for homes – and some are considerably more effective than others. Your standard house key is possibly inadequate to withstand a simple barge at the door – which leaves your home, its occupants, and your possessions vulnerable to a break-in. When looking for locks, you need to find ones that:

  • Protect the whole length of your door, from top to bottom
  • Are mounted in a hard pillar by your door, made from stone rather than wood
  • Are provided with a seal of security from a top lock provider
  • Are specifically designed for security, and installed by professionals

It’s only with these precautions that you can guarantee your door’s surety in the face of an attempted break-in. For other lock issues, look to lock rekeying experts to help you secure your home with the best keys on the market. 


The best way to protect your home is to make it clear that intruders will have a very difficult time getting into your home in the first place. In this regard, you want all of your home protection provisions to be visible from the street, so as to communicate to a potential burglar that your home is well-protected, and that they’re likely to set off an alarm if they attempt to break their way in.

One of the best ways to do this is to install cameras around your home. You should then make a sign showing that these cameras are on and always recording. In a sense, you needn’t even run these cameras – their physical presence is enough to deter most burglars from attempting to access your abode.

Maintain and improve your home’s entire security system with these quick tips to help you bolster and improve the protection with which you fit your home for the future. 


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