Reasons to Hire Commercial Cleaning Services


As a business owner, you have a lot of things to prioritize, such as supervising your employees, monitoring your production and sales, and taking care of your employees and customers. However, it’s also important to maintain the cleanliness of your office or commercial premises with the help of commercial cleaning professionals.  


In this post, you’ll learn the important reasons why you need to hire commercial cleaning services. 


What is Commercial Cleaning? 


Commercial cleaning refers to all cleaning tasks performed in business settings or establishments, such as offices, factories, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, malls, hospitals, and other spaces. These locations are constantly occupied by customers and employees. 


Why Commercial Cleaning Services Can Benefit Your Company


  1. Offers a Wide Range of Cleaning Services 


Commercial cleaning services are offered to commercial establishments, such as banks, condominiums, retail stores, schools, hospitals, clinics, and government facilities.


It’s best to hire a cleaning company that offers a wide range of cleaning services for a one-stop solution to your cleaning problems. Cleaning companies that can handle commercial and residential establishments are flexible enough to address any cleaning issue. Moreover, a commercial cleaning service employs highly trained and skilled cleaners to perform a wide range of cleaning tasks while abiding by approved cleaning standards.


Here are some examples of services that commercial cleaning companies offer: 


  • General dusting of furniture, countertops, desks, and other surfaces 
  • Vacuuming the floor, upholstery, and carpet areas 
  • Cleaning the bathroom, including disinfection of toilet bowls
  • Cleaning external parts of appliances
  • Cobweb removal 
  • Wiping floors, mirrors, and other surfaces
  • Cleaning leaks and spills 
  • Spot cleaning carpets, doors, and windows


  1. Helps You Achieve Effective Product Stocking and Inventory


Commercial cleaning companies can help ensure that all toiletries and cleaning products are properly documented in an inventory. Such basic stuff is needed by employees and customers for smooth business operations.


Here are some ways that a commercial cleaning service company can help you in product inventory:


  • Restocking: For instance, toilet paper should never run out in bathrooms, so cleaners consistently check these supplies and restock as needed. 
  • Inventory Monitoring: Cleaning agents, like hand soaps and bathroom tile cleaners, are noted on a worksheet every shift to keep the supplies team updated if new orders are required.
  • Cleaning Improvements: Feedback on the quality of cleaning services is taken into consideration. In this way, cleaners can make the necessary changes on maintaining the cleanliness of an establishment. 


  1. Boosts Company Productivity 


Employees work at least 40 hours for five to six days a week, and a cluttered or dirty workspace can be an extra inconvenience. A badly-maintained workplace can negatively affect the productivity of your employees. If you want your employees to perform well in their tasks, you have to maintain a clean working environment. 


That’s why it’s important to hire a reliable commercial cleaning company to do the job. Check out commercial cleaning services here to find experts who can maintain the cleanliness and order of your workplace. 


A clean environment boosts the morale of employees as they come to a clean and organized workplace every day. Workers will find your office a worthy place to work at, because they know that their health and safety are prioritized by hiring cleaning professionals. Also, employees don’t have to do their own cleaning after a week of work, but rather focus on achieving the goals of the company and performing well at work. 


  1. Improves Employee Well-Being


Hiring a reliable cleaning service can help boost the morale of people in your organization.  If you want to hire a commercial cleaning company, make sure to choose one with years of experience in the industry. In that way, you can benefit from their experience and expertise in handling different cleaning problems. 


A clean environment can improve well-being. According to research, a person’s physical environment dramatically affects the way he behaves, feels, and thinks. These aspects influence an individual’s ability to foster relationships with other people, or even ability to be productive at work. 


According to the research, here are some aspects that can be affected by physical surroundings:


  • Health and Well-Being: Cluttered spaces may cause stress and anxiety, affecting a person’s focus, sleep cycles, and dietary choices or eating habits, which can all affect cognitive functioning.


  • Concentration: While you and your employees might think that stacks of paper on your desks or overstuffed filing cabinets are not bothersome, well think again. 


Studies have discovered that disorganized visual reminders reduce an individual’s concentration and cognitive function, according to MRI results. When clutter was cleared from the work environment, study participants were able to process information easier because of increased concentration. 


  • Productivity: In the United States, workplace stress costs businesses about $190 billion annually in healthcare costs. Cluttered offices lead to poor eating choices of employees during breaks with less time spent on work, and increased sickness. Also, clutter causes procrastination and avoidance strategies.


Employees take pride in companies that take the time to keep a workplace clean the everyday challenges. Experienced cleaners know how to effectively remove stains on the floor, furniture, and other surfaces. What’s more, they can give you expert advice on the emergency cleaning procedure you can do if you’re faced with such problems.


  1. Promotes Workplace Safety


One of the most important things you have to secure is the safety of your employees and your clients. 


By hiring professional cleaners, you are assured that safe cleaning solutions and cleaning techniques are used, minimizing health and safety hazards in the workplace. Moreover, maintaining cleanliness in the workplace can help prevent trips, slips, and falls. For instance, quickly cleaning of leaks and spills improves safety. Another example is keeping all entrance doors and exits clear. 


Hiring commercial cleaning services will help prevent lost hours from attending to injuries and possible personal injury lawsuits.


Here are the common health and safety hazards and accidents in offices or commercial spaces:


  • Slips, Trips, and Falls: The most common causes of these workplace accidents include wet floors, unattended spills, cluttered areas, unstable work surfaces, exposed cords, loose rugs, and uneven floors.  Also, weather conditions and other external hazards—such as ice, snow, and rain, may leave steps, walkways, ramps, parking lots, and entry and exit areas—slippery or difficult to access. 
  • Fire Safety: As reported by the National Fire Protection Association, there were about 17,500 office fires responded to by fire departments, with property damage amounting to $643 million in 2012.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Respiratory disorders and occupational asthma are usually brought about by poor indoor air quality due to overcrowded office spaces, poor housekeeping, inadequate ventilation systems, poor cubicle design (restricts proper airflow), and presence of pesticides and cleaning chemicals. 


  1. Prevents Spread of Disease 


Commercial cleaning services help maintain your office’s cleanliness to safeguard the health of your employees. A clean environment helps reduce infections and the spread of diseases. Environmental issues can significantly impact the health of your employees and customers, which also directly affects your business. 


Infections can easily spread in the workplace if the physical environment is not kept clean. Commercial cleaning services ensure that all surfaces are not just wiped but also properly sanitized to avoid the spread of germs or harmful microorganisms.


Here are some facts about common environmental health issues in the workplace:


  • Sick Building Syndrome: Poor ventilation and bad air quality can lead to sick building syndrome. This condition affects office workers or employees, manifested by respiratory problems and headaches due to stress and unhealthy factors in the work environment.


  • Work-Lung Disease: The common work-lung diseases in the workplace include extrinsic allergic alveolitis (inflammation of lung cells), work-related asthma, pneumoconiosis (diseases of the lungs with fibrosis, coughing, and inflammation), work-related lung cancer, asbestos-related disease, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD (describes progressive lung diseases like emphysema, refractory or non-reversible asthma, and chronic bronchitis). 


Why Commercial Cleaning Can Improve Employee Satisfaction 


  1. Provides a Comfortable Space for Your Customers


If you want to improve your sales, you have to make a good impression on your customers with your shiny and clean floors, organized product displays, and pleasant-smelling establishment. Nothing can beat the ambiance of a clean and beautiful commercial space. 


By hiring professional commercial cleaning services, you can receive expert advice on how to organize your things and keep dirt or mess to a minimum—aside from the cleaning services they offer. If you want to create a great and lasting impression on your clients and investors, invest in excellent commercial cleaning services.


One of the major tasks that cleaning services perform is cleaning the bathroom, regardless of the industry that your business belongs to. Clean restrooms have a direct impact on the ability of your business to attract new customers and retain loyal customers.


Here are some surveys and studies which show the relationship between maintaining cleanliness and improving sales in a commercial setting:


  • Clean Restroom and Customer Satisfaction: About 86 percent of adults in the United States perceive cleanliness of a restroom the same with a kitchen’s cleanliness. Also, it shows on a survey that 75 percent of customers would not want to come back to a restaurant if it has a dirty restroom. 
  • Cleanliness and Social Media Impact: The sales growth of a business can be influenced by social media, and a survey shows that dirty restrooms are a very hot “talk-of-the-town” topic in social media platforms. Even if you read testimonials in review websites and other travel channels, customers don’t fail to notice and talk about dirty restrooms. 


What does this mean? A dirty establishment could mean a bad reputation against your business, which can dramatically influence other consumers and cause a decline in your sales. That’s why hiring a reliable commercial cleaning service is a must to ensure that your restrooms are kept clean. 

  • Commonly Avoided Businesses: In a commissioned survey, participants said that they would avoid businesses with dirty bathrooms. Here are the results of the survey:
    • restaurants at 79 percent
    • hotels at 79 percent as the highest survey results
    • supermarkets at 50 percent, and
    • gas stations and retail stores both at 45 percent
    • car dealerships having the lowest at 39 percent 


  1. Increase Your Company’s Trust Rating and Authority


You can also increase your business’ trust rating and authority by ensuring that you have a clean and organized office or business space. Customers highly value cleanliness because it reflects how a company prioritizes the health, safety, and general well-being of their customers, and not just exists to make good money. 


Here are some good reasons why you should keep your business premises clean, so you can increase your trust rating and authority:


  • If you want your business to be competitive and go beyond what a “normal” or “typical” office or business establishment provides, keep your premises clean to improve its interior and curb appeal. In this way, you gain the trust and confidence of your clients and potential investors.
  • Keeping your words, values, and principles about excellent product quality, transparency, integrity, teamwork, and professionalism is reflected in how you keep your workplace or business establishment clean and properly maintained. 
  • Regardless of how much work or traffic you have to go through, it’s not an excuse to neglect the cleanliness of your premises. If you can’t do and maintain the job, outsourcing a trusted, reliable, and experienced cleaning company is the wisest decision you’ll ever make.


  1. Promote Customer Retention and Loyalty


Like what you normally give as a rating on apps, customers also rate your company based on what they experience in your premises. So, if you have clean premises, your customers will be enticed to keep coming back to avail your products and services.


When it comes to dusting, cleaning, and sanitizing, commercial cleaning services are highly knowledgeable and skilled. They completely understand their services and are willing to listen to your customers’ maintenance concerns and cleaning issues. Moreover, they can give professional advice and can handle special cleaning requirements, such as chemical spills and organic waste cleanup. 




You have many good reasons to hire commercial cleaning services. From maintaining the cleanliness of your workplace, boosting employee morale and productivity, and improving your sales and customer satisfaction, a commercial cleaning company can help your business succeed. 


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