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Today, it is much easier to keep track of every today’s football match thanks to the website of sports statistics. Here, attention is paid to various national championships, and one of the strongest among them is definitely the Spanish one.

In the season that has ended, the Catalan Barcelona had a convincing victory in La Liga. Ernesto Valverde’s team managed to take advantage of the regular misfires of Real and Atletico, so by the middle of spring they were able to secure a comfortable lead over their pursuers.

However, in other tournaments the Catalans were not so convincing. Daily, the results of their today football matches disappointed their fans. First of all, we are talking about the defeat of Liverpool in the Champions League, as well as losing the cup to Spain.

Many say that the team needs a serious update, because most of the leaders of the club are already over 30. However, not all of the recent high-profile purchases of Barca justified themselves. Coutinho, Malcolm and even Dembele can hardly be called successful transfers, especially against the background of the amounts that were paid to them.

FC Barcelona future prospects

On the domestic scene, FC Barcelona will certainly be the top favorite. Real Madrid is still too unstable, while a number of leaders have left Atletico, including Griezmann. But it is an open question if the fans are content with dominating just in the domestic arena.

Obviously, the requirements for the team became higher, but in many respects only due to Messi, who spent another brilliant season and helped his team to win the champion title. However, Lionel is already 32, and even despite the fact that he is the undisputed leader of the team, he needs rest from time to time. It is simply impossible to replace such a player.

If we think about trump cards of Barcelona FC for the next season, they are:

  • long bench;
  • great teamwork;
  • individual skills of athletes.

The main goal of the Catalans in the future season will, of course, be the Champions League. The requirements for the teams who want to win the European title intensified against the background of the recent shameful events of the Blau Granas leaving the tournament due to defeats from Roma and Liverpool, especially considering the fact that Barcelona won the first matches with a gap of 3 goals, but in the end still left the tournament.

However, despite all the difficulties, Barcelona still remains one of the main favorites of the tournaments which it takes part in. The Catalans are full of motivation, which should help them in the fight for the trophy both in the domestic and international arenas. After all, its not so difficult to achieve success when Lionel Messi plays for the club.


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