Session Replay Provides Unique Insights into Customer Interactions

Session replay is a service which allows the viewing of an individual’s experience on a website. It tracks the keyboard and mouse movements of the user visiting the site and shows the users interactions on the site in real time. This provide a lot of valuable information and insights previously not available. It provides awareness beyond that of just data and gives a more qualitative look at how users are interacting with the site. There are many advantages to this way of tracking user interactions, below are the four which I believe to be most advantageous. 

Insights on Specific Sessions  

One of the most important aspects of session replay is that it provides the ability to view specific sessions of users interacting with the website. This is important because it offers the opportunity to step up your customer service game in ways previously unimagined. It will allow customer service agents to immediately identify the area on the website where the customer that they are assisting had issues. Given that they are also able to view what the customer views they can guide the customer in a much more accurate way and can easily identify any error messages the customer encounters. 

Observe Where Users Get Stuck

While having the ability to view where users get stuck can greatly assist the customer service portion of your business, it can also help the development side. This service allows tracking information to by analyzed and used to identify areas where users get stuck. While navigating your website may be easy to your employees and development staff, maybe it is not as intuitive to less computer literate individuals. This service can identify the problem areas of your website allowing you to make changes that improve the user experience for your customers. 

Troubleshoot More Quickly and Efficiently

Session replay can also be used to troubleshoot your website in an accurate and quick way. It allows you to distinguish between different approaches taken by groups of people, making it easier to identify the different actions between a group of people which encountered issues and the individuals who did not. This can greatly assist in troubleshooting when looking resolve any problems users are encountering on your site. This program also allows for the quick identification of problems, by tracking in real time it can identify if users are encountering an error. 

View Time Spent on Interactions

An additional feature which is extremely useful for the application of session replay is viewing user interactions and how long it took for these interactions to occur. Because of this ability it is much easier to identify responses made by the user to the website and what those responses meant. Being able to know how much time a user spent on a page and what they did on that page before making another selection is important in creating a more user-friendly, error free platform. 


While these are four important advantages to this software, the true implementation capacity of it is endless, restricted mostly by the ingenuity of the implementer. It has the power to transform massive parts of business through websites, improving not just user experience but customer service responsiveness as well. 


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