Simple Time-Saving Hacks For Busy Mac Users


If you are a busy professional, Mac is an operating system of choice. It offers a host of features that help you manage tasks with speed and efficiency, apart from achieving high productivity levels. But you can never be sure about time-saving because no matter how fast you work, you will always want to get better. Fortunately, there are some hacks that Mac users can rely on for saving time and efforts for simple and complex tasks. Here are the best ones you can try.

Know all keyboard shortcuts

Mac brings a wide range of keyboard shortcuts that enable the users to boost speed and productivity. You just need to know and memorize them to be able to use them to your advantage. Apart from the pre-set keyboard shortcuts, you can even create custom ones according to your needs. They will not only help you work faster but also be easy to memorize.

Speed up with Sidecar

Mac users often end up using multiple Apple devices because they love the brand’s premium feel so much. So if you own an iPad along with a Mac, you can use the Sidecar feature to use the iPad as a second display screen. It’s a smart way to run two apps you often use together on display simultaneously. There wouldn’t be a lot of tabs- and task-switching, so you end up working faster and being more productive. The feature even lets you use an iPad as a tablet input device.

Free up your disk space

One of the reasons for losing time with your Mac is that it may be too full to perform optimally. If you want to get things to be done at the fastest speed, it makes sense to free up the disk space at regular intervals. This link shows how you can do a disk cleanup without a lot of work. Fortunately, it isn’t rocket science but can make a big difference when it comes to speeding up and gaining productivity. 

Use text-to-speech

The text-to-speech feature is another awesome time-saving tool that comes with this amazing operating system. You can have your system read a long email for you while you carry on with another important task. So multi-tasking becomes much easier than you think. Once you are able to handle it, you can save up on precious minutes and wrap up things quickly and without errors.

Get the best with Spotlight search

The Spotlight search feature does a lot more than helping you locate a file or object you want. You can use it as a calculator for performing some simple mathematical calculations. It also helps with the conversion of measurements such as inches to centimeters, ounces to pounds, and Celsius to Fahrenheit. Further, you can use Spotlight for looking up contact details. With these simple tasks being made easier, your speed becomes faster.

Achieving speed with your Mac is easier than you think, provided you know your system and use it the right way. Also, go the extra mile with keeping it clean and uncluttered at all times. 


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