Smithfield Foods Wins Processor of the Year



Smithfield, VA- Smithfield Foods Wins Food Processor of the Year. 

Following an impressive eight percent growth, global pork producer Smithfield Foods was dubbed the 2018 winner of the Processor of the Year Award. After recently opening a new distribution center in Tar Heel, North Carolina, it isn’t hard to see why Smithfield is so deserving of this award. 

The new center, located near Smithfield’s processing plant, is a symbol of dedication to sustainability, growth, and the local economy, as it will cut fuel costs, expand their supply chain, and add 250 new jobs to the Tar Heel area. 

Smithfield was founded by the Luter family in 1936. What started out as a single plant has morphed into a global brand that provides over 54,000 jobs around the world. 

This grand metamorphosis didn’t come without hardship. In 2005, the price of soy and corn shot through the roof. A fourfold increase in price turned up the noses of Smithfield’s investors, causing their healthy stocks to plummet. The way the Luters thought about their business needed to catch up with the world, so they put Larry Pope in charge. 

Things began to pick up again for Smithfield, a company that by now had already bought out all its rivals and then been bought by a Chinese company. Pope purchased Sara Lee and cut turkey and bee processing. Pork was now Smithfield’s only muse. 

Looking forward, Smithfield is continuing its commitment to sustainability with each new product they put on the market. A recent Smithfield product called Prime Fresh Deli Meat is now available in every Kroger. 

Smithfield specially designed the packaging to be razor thin, meaning more units can fit on the truck. This consistent forethought has allowed Smithfield to keep achieving its sustainability goals by cutting fuel use and reducing their carbon footprint. 

Another pillar of Smithfield’s success is their passion for providing amazing customer service and satisfaction. As the desire for more natural foods rises, Smithfield continues to deliver. All-natural, nitrate-free bacon is now on shelves per customer request. All new products are invented by food scientists and nutritionists working side by side at the Innovation Center in Smithfield Virginia near headquarters. 

Producing better products showcases Smithfield’s love for innovation and unceasing drive for excellence in their industry. Smithfield continues to empower their employees to make a difference through innovation. It’s an essential core value that the company holds near and dear.


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