Snow Resorts Are Standing the Test of Time


Skiing was for decades seen as one of the most aspirational of pastimes. Enjoyed by the rich and famous from royalty to movie stars, and seen as the wealthy person’s vacation of choice, over the years it became more accessible to the less wealthy members of society and now can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Skiing suffered a bit of a wobble when snowboarding burst onto the scene, and the argument as to whether skiing or snowboarding is the truly cool snow sport rages on. What’s more important than which sport gives you the most street cred is that the winter sports genre as a whole continues to grow and encourage new participants, thanks to the efforts of the resorts themselves.

Taking an inclusive approach

Partly as a result of the popularity of snowboarding, resorts started to realize that there was a huge and largely untapped market for less wealthy socio-economic groups. Previously, the allure of many resorts was their exclusivity, and some places have stuck to this model, finding a new niche as other resorts expand to welcome a more diverse population. The larger resorts that have multiple alternative runs and access to nursery and beginner style slopes have grown their offering to include a wider range of accommodation options to cater for varying budgets and introduced family-friendly attractions and facilities to widen their appeal. At a major resort like Whistler Blackcomb, you could stay in a self-catering ski lodge, or opt for one of the luxurious Whistler hotels for a more opulent experience. Either way, you’ll have access to a far wider range of stores, restaurants, and entertainments to enable you to enjoy the dark winter nights as well as the crisp sunny days on the slopes.

Promoting the summer experience

Ski resorts are now proving to be popular destinations in the summer months as well as when they are covered in snow. The ski slopes become wildlife parks covering thousands of acres, with outdoor activities and hiking and mountain bike trails crisscrossing the landscape. The advantage of staying at a ski resort in the summer is that you still have easy access to all the amenities provided for the winter sportspeople, like spas, cinemas, sports and leisure facilities, shopping, and restaurants. Everything is in very close proximity because getting between places is that much harder when there are several feet of snow on the ground, which means you are never very far from where you want to be. Resorts are eager to promote the use of their facilities in the summer, understanding that they have valuable resources that provide exactly what summer visitors are looking for. It also makes perfect economic sense to optimize the use of ski resorts, as the winter snows only last a limited length of time.

Modern ski resorts have kept pace with changing times and have adapted their offerings to suit the different requirements of visitors, and in doing so have ensured the continued popularity of these destinations for all seasons.


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