Social Media Marketing Tips for Medical Practices

For many doctors and other health professionals, the idea of marketing on social media can be an intimidating prospect. However, with more and more patients turning to the internet for health advice and in their search for the right practitioner for their needs, having an online presence has never been so imperative for medical practices. Social media can be one of the best marketing tools out there, and not just for e-commerce stores. Many medical practices have had great success via engaging with their existing and potential patients on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. We’ve put together some great social media marketing tips for your medical practice.

Tip #1. Keep it Up to Date

One of the biggest mistakes that any business owner can make, regardless of whether they are in the medical field or not, is to fail to keep their social profiles updated with fresh new content. Whether it’s a status updating your patients on the latest in-practice news, infographics to help better explain health conditions, interesting news stories about the CNA salary in CT, or engaging videos helping your followers to better understand their health, aiming to update your social profiles at least once a day is imperative.

Tip #2. Engage with Followers

Your social media profiles aren’t just there to help prospective new patients stumble across your practice – you must also use them for providing an excellent standard of service and care. Today, the internet has quickly become one of the preferred methods of contact for many individuals, whether they are making inquiries about the type of food that a restaurant serves, or they need advice on various health symptoms that they are experiencing. As a medical provider, you can expect many questions on your social profiles from individuals who are looking for advice on the best course of action to take regarding their health. Having a team member manning social media, who can engage with them and provide helpful advice, is essential.

Tip #3. Share Useful Content

When it comes to social media marketing, sharing useful content that will provide valuable information to your followers can enable you to establish yourself as a leading expert in your field. One of the best methods of incorporating useful content into your social media marketing strategy is to put together a practice blog, where you can share your knowledge to offer your patients tips and advice on staying in good health. Along with that, don’t be afraid to share useful content from other medical websites, blogs, and anything else you are inspired by.

Tip #4. Provide Essential Information

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of social media when it comes to finding new patients. With the option to share crucial information such as contact details, location, and even your opening hours on your social media profiles, making sure that this section is complete and up to date will improve your chances of gaining more patients when you reach out to your target audience.

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