Solo Traveling in Southeast Asia: Inspiration and Safety Tips

If you are an adventurous spirit, the world is your oyster. Every corner of the globe has wonderful sites you can savor, but Asia has garnered particularly strong popularity among female solo travelers. If you are eager to embark on a transformative journey across the continent that brims with wonders, take a look at some inspiration and safety tips for a solo traveling female in Southeast Asia.

A matter of inspiration

From Chinese Coastline and Taiwan, over Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam to Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines – Southeast Asia is an opulent joy of destinations that will dazzle and transform you. After a trip through any (or all) of these countries, you will go back home to a transformed person. But where does one begin the trip and what are the most inspiring hotspots?

Look no further than Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, which serves as an appropriate gateway to the ‘realm’ of Southeast Asia. The brimming urban kaleidoscope of wonders is an eclectic mixture of Eastern and Western influences that will positively overwhelm you. This is where you’ll first get a taste of just how affordable is Southeast Asia. 

If you are not in the mood for urban experiences, head to Laos’ beloved Luang Prabang, the quaint collection of urbanites on the Mekong River that showcases the perfect symbiosis between nature and civilization. There, you can enjoy countless outdoor activities around the river, see and experience captivating waterfalls on the river and even embark on a cruise! 

Of course, as a newcomer-pilgrim to Southeast Asia, you should do everything in your power to stop by Bali, the mist-laden carpet of greenery dotted with mesmerizing ancient temples that will change your perspective on the history of civilization. While Bali’s beachside is particularly popular among the tourists, the temple tour should be on the top of your list. 

And while we are on the topic of temples, if this sort of tourism appeals to you, head to see Angkor Wat, the most popular historical site in Cambodia and a place that can liberally be dubbed ‘the cathedrals of the East’. The 12th century complex of intricate architecture on the outskirts of Siam Reap has to be seen to be believed. It’s like a waking dream. 

A matter of safety

Southeast Asia is one of the safest regions for, specifically, solo female traveling. This should tell you volumes about how secure you’ll be throughout your trip. If you are an avid nature lover, you should get the necessary permits before venturing on a solo camping trip in one of many spellbinding national parks, but it’s safe to do so. 

While there is always a danger of wildlife under such circumstances if you delve too deep into the forestry, most popular spots are usually brimming with tourists that are constantly passing through, even in the middle of the night. While this attests to the region’s safety, the downside of this is that you’ll rarely feel as if you are braving the hinterland. 

Apart from that, many travelers – female, male and other – rarely decide to go through the hassle of setting up the camp. This is because most Southeast Asian countries boast extremely pleasant yet affordable accommodation. Booking transportation, flight, accommodation and tour guides are fairly light on the wallet, but you should keep the wallet closed because pickpockets are very proficient; purse-snatchers as well.

It would be prudent to keep your valuables – cash, cards, and passport – close to the chest and buy travel insurance for such purposes. The most common run-ins with the crime in Southeast Asia occur in the format of scams and robberies. Be on a lookout for taxi overcharges and guide frauds. Physical harm is extremely rare though it is a possibility just like anywhere else in the world. 


Asia is an incredibly vast continent that holds innumerable cultures and ethnicities under its wing. While Russia takes up a lot of space in the northwestern chunk of the continent, it can be more rewarding to immerse yourself into the lavishing intricacies of the culture that is foreign to you. Southeast Asia is a wondrous playground for women that want to expand their horizons on a solo journey. After all, traveling alone is about introspection just as much it is about impressions.


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