Some aspects that can affect your credit score in bad directions


Got yourself having trouble borrowing money from the bank? Maybe you have a bad credit score! Having a good record and credit score is a key to being able to access better conditions in the products offered by the financial system, for example, better interest rates, higher credit quotas and so on. The main things to avoid negative reports are to pay on time and have an adequate level of debt.

However, these are sometimes not enough, as there are other aspects that can lower your score.

These are some:

1. Small debts pending payment

Many people pay the car fee, the housing credit, the credit card punctually, but they neglect the small debts. Imagine anything, traffic fines, cell phone bills, cable television service; In general, any unpaid debt, regardless of size, can go up to your credit score. Some people are often shocked when they find they can not borrow more because some small bills get stuck. 

2. Taxes

It is better to always be up to date with your taxes, because the time will come when all your debts will be reported. People who do not pay taxes on time often find themselves having difficulty borrowing.

3. Make many credit requests at the same time

It can be very tempting to request several credit cards at the same time. However, it is best to avoid making many requests for credit in a short time, especially when you are planning to get a loan to buy your car or your home.

4. Long-term consumer loans

Having a high level of consumer debt automatically lowers your score. However, if it is managed in short terms in addition to favoring your pocket, by decreasing the interest payment, your credit score will increase and it will be possible to apply for larger loans for the really important things, such as your home.

5. Credit cards

Any delay in payments or non-payment of any of these cards can bring negative reports to your business and to you at credit bureaus. Some people tend to owe and owe no matter how they can pay all bills in a timely manner. They just focus on how to increase their credit quota without realizing that it will increase their chances of getting into difficult debt.

6. Errors

Any incorrect information in your credit history can affect your score. For example, people with common names often find other people’s information in their file. This is one of the reasons why it is better to consult at least once a year and fix any errors that may be found.

A bad credit score can make it difficult for you to get a loan but along with technological advances and the development of the financial world, you can have a great opportunity to get installment loans for bad credit. Hopefully the above points can help you to understand what factors may affect your credit score.


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