Steps to take when building your commercial property


Finding a property that will be perfect for selling your products or services isn’t always easy. There will always be something that makes the decision-making process that much harder, from thinking that the monthly rent might be too costly to worrying that the shape and size of the building are wrong for your needs. You also need to consider where the property is. If it is too far out of town, are people still going to come? If it is the middle of the city, is there anywhere to park? All this and more needs to be considered before you choose a property. However, finding one that fits all your requirements isn’t always possible, so, why not consider building your own commercial property instead? This enables you to dictate the size, location, and cost, and you might be surprised by how much easier this is. This guide will take you through the steps that you need to take when building your commercial property. 

Find a location 

Rather than finding a site that already has a building on it (which would require bulldozing), look to buy a section of land. The cost of purchasing farmland can range between $5,000 and $8,000 per acre, but it is considerably cheaper than putting down a deposit and paying the monthly rent for a building. There will, of course, be more affordable alternatives, so be sure to spend plenty of time researching the area you want to build your commercial property on. 

You will also want to double-check the condition of the land; is it prone to flooding, for example? Is it possible to build a carpark? And can you easily access it from the main road? 

Seek planning permission 

As you will be constructing your property, in some countries and states, you will need to seek planning permission. Some lands permit people from building or making changes, so you will have to find out whether the area you are thinking of purchasing will allow you to build a property on it. You will also need to determine early on if the land you have purchased is for commercial use, and not residential.

Build your property – find the right materials

The common material to build the framework of your property is wood. However, wood can swell or shrink and is definitely not weather resistant. If you were to face a storm, your wooden framework would stand little chance at survival. Therefore, you should consider the benefits of using steel. Not only is it resistant to bad weather and fire damage, but it will also require little maintenance, which reduces your expenses in the long term. 

Build an empty shell 

You could hire an architect and designer to make you a fancy building, but it can quickly add up in terms of cost. Instead, you could opt for one of the Red Iron Buildings that will offer a dependable, solid, and affordable solution to your property needs. It will provide you with an empty steel shell to work with. Although they can take a few hours to construct, this is nothing in comparison to building a typical property. They can span as much as 50 feet without the need for interior columns, which means you have more freedom with the layout. It is the perfect option for builders and suppliers looking for a dependable and sturdy property to carry out their services. 

Building inspection 

Finally, once you have built your property and filled it with all your equipment, you will need to have a building inspection that will determine if your property is safe for customers to visit. 


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