Style Tips For The Career Woman


As a career woman, you want to be known in the office for your professionalism and work ethics and nothing else.

While your sense of style is a matter of personal choice, people judge you by your appearance. This is how you dress and carry yourself.

So you should consider what you wear to the office since it affects your colleagues and client’s perception of you. Dressing appropriately to work together with your work performance can earn you the respect and admiration of your workmates and clients alike. People treat you with reverence when you ooze style and professionalism.

Here are style tips to help you dress like a leader.

Conceal dark circles

While you can survive the day after sleeping late with several cups of coffee, the lack of adequate sleep shows up under your eyes in the form of unsightly sleeping bags. These dark circles under your eyes can ruin your look even if you wear the best attire in your closet.

Luckily, there are several ways to reduce the size of the dark circles and to hide them. Use a concealer that matches your skin tone to mask the purple colour of the eye bags.

Avoid a bad hair day

There certainly will be days when you are running late and don’t have the time to style your hair but you can’t still go to the office with messy hair. Few clients will believe you are good enough to deliver on their projects if you look like an animal chewed you and spat you out. Your colleagues and boss will wonder if you fought with your cat.

To avoid small embarrassments, invest in Pull Through Curlers that can straighten your hair in a jiffy and head scarves to cover your head.

A hint of perfume

Your perfume shouldn’t announce your impending your arrival long before your presence. Use your perfume moderately when going to work.

Consider that you share the office with other people who may be allergic to strong scents or simply not fans of your choice of fragrance. So apply your perfume in small quantities such that only those who are so close to you as to hug you can catch a hint of the fragrance.

Build a foundation

Foundation helps mask spots if you have uneven skin to give you a smooth and neutral face. Not every foundation in the market is suitable for you though.

Your choice of foundation should complement your natural skin tone. This enables you to get a matte look after you can now apply your make up to realize a smooth glowing face.

Short nails

This one depends on the nature of your job but it is easier working on your computer with short nails. Your nails should be short and clean and avoid extra-long fake nails.

Polish your nails with a neutral color or any of the basic colors that do not draw too much attention. Save the elaborate nail art for social functions.


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