Summer 2018: Throwing The Perfect Party


With the long-awaited arrival of sunshine, blue skies, and warm weather, it’s only natural our thoughts turn towards all the fun events we can attend with our nearest and dearest. From festivals where we spend dancing the night away to hosting a barbeque in our garden with our family, summer is the time we come together and spend time catching up and socializing. Whether you’re reconnecting with long-lost friends or you’re celebrating an occasion, hosting a party in the warmer months of the year needn’t be a headache. Below are four things to consider when throwing the perfect party:  


Birthday, engagement, wedding, housewarming, anniversary – the possibilities for occasions throughout the year is endless, and if a special event falls in the summer months, why not choose to celebrate in style outdoors? It’s the perfect chance to take advantage of the sunshine and soak up the vitamin D. Where you host, however, is completely up to you. Your backyard could be the perfect place to throw a chilled birthday party while a marquee in a beautiful location could be a romantic paradise for a wedding.

In addition to the occasion and location, it could be fun to choose a theme for your party. Perhaps it’s a special someone’s milestone birthday. If so, you could choose to decorate the venue and ask the guests to arrive in outfits inspired the year they were born.

With your planning, don’t forget to invite your guests. Take the time to create bespoke invites, and add all the vital details; the location, the date and time, and what to wear if there’s a dress code.  


Regardless of the occasion, your guests will more than likely arrive hungry, so it’s up to you to provide food to sate their appetites. For a backyard birthday party, a barbeque is one thing everyone looks forward to in summer. Comforting and delicious, grilled food cooked outside has something about it which is hard to replicate in the kitchen. Burgers are always a crowd pleaser, so why not spice up your backyard barbeque with recipes from Hellofresh including lamb burgers cooked with rosemary and sweet potato wedges? For vegetarians and vegans, you can grill chunks of vegetables on wooden skewers and provide tasty salad options to go along the side of their bean burgers.  


While food is important, so are drinks! Whether you serve alcohol or not, it’s vital to cater to all tastes. If you’re inviting children, provide refreshing homemade lemonade. For those who are driving, ice cold soda and iced tea will be welcome on a sunny day. However, if your party involves liquor, why not create your own cocktails for the event and garnish them with fresh fruit for the wow factor.


If you’re planning a backyard get-together with your closest friends, entertainment may not be top of your priorities. After all, you’re gathering to spend time together and catch up. However, there are going to be moments where the conversation lulls and having something fun on hand to do in these situations is key. There are a variety of outside games you could play together, such as bowling or Twister, which are sure to bond you all even closer.

Summer is the ideal time to gather those you love and spend precious time making cherished memories together. What better way to do so than with an exciting party, basking in each others company?


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