Supply2Defence is an e-procurement tool where authorities in defence acquire various works, services, and goods they need to accomplish their missions and duties from small businesses and the public. 

Defence procurement has never been a more attractive marketplace in the UK, with the Ministry of Defence spending more than £20 billion annually on its procurement requirements. Besides, the UK has met its NATO pledge to spend 2 percent of the national income on defence.

Characteristics of Supply2Defence

By its nature, supply to defence has its distinguishing characteristics. First, it is different from the general public supply in qualitative terms as it deals with the aim of defence supply, the protection of defence and national security. Secondly, defence equipment is mostly assemblies of complex and advanced technologies.

Areas Covered

Supply2Defence involves procurement of defence-related tenders by the small business that include:

Information Systems

Provides Information and Communication Technology to defence. For example, telephones and computers designed for military, or special military devices like smart headsets for troops, satellites or remote navigation systems. 

Defence equipment and supports

Involves a custom-made trading corporation in the Ministry of Defence. Involves the management of a wide range of complex projects to purchase and support the Royal Air Force, British Army, and Royal Navy need to operate effectively. The Ministry of Defence works closely with small businesses to ensure the equipment is supplied.

Defence infrastructure

Small businesses are given tenders to support armed forces by offering construction and infrastructure services such as specialist technical services, build services, design services, and hard and soft facilities management like waste management, cleaning, and catering.

Logistics Commodities and Services

This involves providing inventory and procurement management of commodity items that include: defence clothing, defence food, general supplies, medical supplies, distribution and freight services, oil, lubricants and services.

Why Choose Supply2Defence

Doing business with the defence team enables the entry of non-traditional, innovative, and new businesses in the defence supply chain. Supply2Defence team offers guidance and advice to small businesses on how to become a successful defence supplier and access contract opportunities and Ministry of Defence tenders through a variety of channels which include:

  • Hosting webinars on how small businesses can access the Ministry of Defence opportunities 
  • Attending trade exhibitions across the United Kingdom where the team delivers a presentation on request
  • More than 300 sources researched on a daily basis
  • More contracts than government portals
  • Large database of tender notices and awards

Supply2Defence encourages innovation in its business and attract suppliers to the defence supply base directly with our major suppliers and the Ministry of Defence. Supply2Defence invests in innovation to make the experience seamless.

Technology is creating opportunities for the United Kingdom’s prosperity and security, and Innovation is important to maintaining the strength of the UK’s military. As a result, the UK’s government has taken a lot of measures to encourage better collaboration with industry and target new providers especially small businesses to boost the competitive advantage of the United Kingdom’s defence.

These new providers mean companies or businesses like yours. The Ministry of Defence is turning to SMEs due to the flexibility and innovation such firms provide.



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