Swiss Retail Giant Acquires Luxury Watch Chain Tourneau


It’s no secret that if you want the best luxury timepiece for your money, it’s wise to head overseas and visit the stunning European country of Switzerland, whose watchmaking skills have been celebrated worldwide for over a century. Even in today’s modern, global market, the luxury watch brands we know and love are primarily Swiss, but the traditional European culture and consumption habits do not always fit in well with busy American markets.

All of that is set to change, however, with the recent acquisition of the longstanding American watch giant Tourneau by Swiss luxury retailer Bucherer 1888. With over 130 years of trading, the distinguished Bucherer brand has set themselves apart from other manufacturers and retailers and put industry and innovation first before tradition. This takeover is key for American watch enthusiasts because now they will be able to expect more variety, both in terms of new models and certified pre-owned models, as well as increased financing options. For many, it means more exciting opportunities to own the luxury watch of their choosing than ever before.

The purchase of Tourneau, of course, came with more than just its online market. Bucherer now has control of over 28 stores in over ten different states, meaning that they can provide their passionate service in more places than ever before. With a population as huge as the United States of America, and with as wide a demographic as that population entails, this move is the first step towards providing specifically for an American market, rather than applying European tactics and cultures.

Bucherer has consistently provided impeccable hospitality and forward-thinking business practices to its customers ever since Carl-Friedrich Bucherer and his wife founded the retailer in 1888. Since then it has stayed within the family and has strived towards partnering with the best brands in the industry. More recently, it has doubled its efforts into global expansion. Late last year, for instance, they also acquired the luxury watch retailer The Watch Gallery, and its stores in London. As London remains an international hub of business, innovation, and creativity, the move is sure to enable Bucherer to further their reach like never before.

With the further purchase of Tourneau within a twelve-month period, evidence points to big changes in the market. It will mean that Bucherer will be able to introduce its own brand, Carl F. Bucherer into the fold, as well as offer more of the best and newest choices for the world’s best brands.

The partnership between these brands is a huge selling point for Bucherer 1888. Rolex, for instance, has been in partnership with Bucherer since the 1920s, when Ernst Bucherer, son of the founder, partnered with the genius behind the distinctive, world-famous design. Their partnership occurred after Hans Wilsdorf’s designs won him critical acclaim in both Switzerland and England, though before Rolex would enter the history books time and time again.

Since then Bucherer has partnered with other notable brands, including Omega, another highly successful luxury watch brand on par with Rolex. This incredible brand was chosen as the official timekeepers of Britain’s Royal Flying Corps in 1917 and the American Army during WW1. They offer design and function to rival Rolex and have been gracing the wrists of royalty, presidents, and sporting stars alike since then.

Not all watches, of course, are traditional, meaning there is more variety for serious adventure travelers who are hoping for more function in a watch. Tag Heuer is their solution, notable for creating the first Swiss luxury smartwatch, the Tag Heuer Connected. This watch is the only one of its kind to boast an Intel chip processor and was created in partnership with Google. For those adventurers who are more traditional, Tag Heuer has over a hundred years of design and innovation behind them. Most notably is their invention of the oscillating pinion, which is used to create mechanical chronographs around the world.

For travelers who prefer to sit by the pool and live in paradise, there are jewelry focused brands like Cartier, which brings watch-making precision in line with the beauty of fine jewelry. Cartier dominates the luxury world like no other and is the perfect accessory to accompany haute couture and resort-wear no matter where you are.

Luxury watches are key to travel. Not only do they provide accurate timekeeping, but they can also help you achieve your goals and say the right message. Perfect for adventurers, businesspeople, and resort-goers alike, the luxury watch is a staple that endures. With the purchase of Tourneau and The Watch Gallery by Bucherer, more travelers around the world will have increased access to these brands. Whatever your style and whatever your taste, after all, you cannot beat quality.


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