Taking a Look at Unusual Vegetable Garden Concepts


Vegetable gardens are a great way to harness one’s creative capabilities, nurture a form of life, save money, and grow fresh vegetables for household consumption. Vegetable gardens can range from as sprawling in size as an entire yard, to as compact as a few pots in the balcony. All vegetable gardens can be given a new getup with simple planning, a few decoration changes, and some creative thinking on your part. Also, such concepts do not have to be expensive; there are many options that will easily fit into a limited budget. Here are a few sensible as well as unusual vegetable garden concepts.

A floral touch

All that greenery can become a little boring to look at sometimes. To add an eye-catching break between the vegetable plants, add some flowering plants. Find out which flowers will flourish in the soil and climate condition you have, and plant some- not too many though, you don’t want to get confused between them and the other plants later. Don’t plant flowers which are too fancy to take care of, as this may distract you from the vegetables.

Creating compost heaps

This is a good way to reduce the amount of waste, and create more manure for your plants. All you need is a wooden compost bin (you can buy one or even make one) and plant waste such as raw fruit and vegetable peels, leaves, eggshells and other such refuse which is not diseased. This will give tidiness to your garden and keep your home eco-friendly.

Aquaponic gardening

A smart combination of growing aquatic animals with the practice of growing plants in water, aquaponic gardening is quickly gaining popularity as it offers a break to the damaged soil from chemical matter and pesticides. One can grow lovely green leafy vegetables such as spinach, aquaponic cabbage and a lot more using this system, which is definitely worth a try.

Using household items for storage and decoration

An innovative idea is to use items like milk and beverage crates to store little plants in. That will help you keep the garden organized and will prevent overflowing and overcrowding of different categories of plants.

Raised garden beds

These look very beautiful and neat if you have a little more space to spare, and are ideal if the soil condition is not very conducive to plant growth. If you have a raised garden bed, a nature-friendly idea is to take flexible branches, such as those of willow trees, and bind them together to make a sort of bed for your plants. This will look natural, warm and simply elegant.

Garden entrance

Give your vegetable garden a fashionable addition by creating a simple doorway to enter it. The doorway could be as simple as a solid arch or an arch wreathed delicately with flowers. Either way, it can truly enhance the look and feel of your garden.

These are just a few easily conceivable ideas, but your imagination can achieve much more. Your vegetable garden should be a source of pride and love for you, and no one can conceptualize its look as beautifully as you.


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