The Amazing Benefits of Metal Photo Printing


Canada is a picturesque country in North America, with an estimated population of more than 37.7 million people in 2019. Though the people came from diverse backgrounds, one common thing about Canadians is their love for photography.

If you are looking for an excellent way to reproduce your favorite photos, there are several options you can choose, such as the use of metal photo printing. There are many companies you may contact that offer metal print photo service in Canada like Canvas n Decor.

Metal photo prints are increasingly becoming popular due to their excellent quality and durability. Many people use them as gifts to their loved ones and business partners. Others use them as wall decor in their homes and offices.

What is metal photography printing?

Metal photo printing is the process of printing images in metallic materials like aluminum. It employs the dye sublimation method, which provides longevity, durability, and protection to your photographs. To protect and improve the quality of the finished products, printing companies use protective polymer outer coatings as a surface finish application. 

Two factors are affecting the quality of a finish, namely, the type of metal photo panels used and the craftsmanship of the printing company. Your provider should be an expert in print production and color management to achieve an excellent finish. It must use high-quality aluminum materials and uniform base coatings to deliver the best results.

Benefits of metal photo prints

There are several advantages of using metal printing to reproduce your beautiful images and photographs. Companies like Canvas n Decor provide quality metal prints to meet your needs. Here are some of them:

    • Durability – Metal photos are very durable and can last many, many years. It is because they use aluminum as a base metal, which is less vulnerable to scratches and environmental hazards compared to other media. As per the Rochester Institute of Technology, metal prints can outlast silver halide photographic prints up to four times.
    • Scratch and fade resistance – Because the dyes were infused beneath the base metal’s exterior during the sublimation process, the printed graphics and texts are not vulnerable to scratches. They are also near impossible to peel off.
    • Easy to maintain – Metal prints are easy to maintain. To keep the luster and cleanliness of its surfaces, wipe it with a water-dampened microfiber towel regularly. Also, avoid exposing your photos to direct sunlight to help maintain its hues and colors.


  • Image quality – Another essential benefit of metal printing is the high-quality of the finished product. You can achieve vibrant and stunning images that can be better than the original.


    • Value for money – You can get the best value for your money with metal photo prints. You can also achieve significant savings on framing costs as you don’t need to frame them. Furthermore, you will only pay a nominal fee if you want a wall mount for the product.


  • Water-proof – Unlike canvas prints, metal prints cannot be damaged even in direct contact with water because it is made of aluminum and covered with protective coatings.
  • Lightweight – Aluminum is a light material, so you can hang your photographs in your wall without fear of falling.


  • Heat resistance – Metal photo prints can withstand high temperatures. Even if you accidentally put them in open fires, they will not sustain damages.

Metal photo prints of your favorite and memorable photographs and images are ideal wall décor in your home and office. Just make sure to contract the services of expert printing companies to achieve quality color metal prints.


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