The Best Paying Jobs for Women Right Now

Gender gap and pay inequality are issues that still threaten female professionals across the market. Despite the many steps and new regulations put in place to close the gap and level the playing field, companies still choose to reward male employees more than they reward their female professionals.

The gap aside, the changes happening in recent years have brought more opportunities to women professionals. There are a lot of women earning top dollar and filling strategic positions in the biggest companies on the market. Forbes recently compiled a list of best-paying jobs for women and we are going to review some of the positions on that list in this article.


Women CEOs don’t necessarily earn more than their male counterparts, but the gap is closing rapidly in recent years. On average, you can expect a median salary of close to $100,000 while assuming the role of CEO for a medium enterprise.

Jumping to a similar role in larger companies will certainly increase that figure by a substantial margin. There are a lot of successful female CEOs too, including the current CEO of General Motors, Mary T. Barra, and the CEO of IBM, Ginni Rometty.


Working as a pharmacist is surprisingly rewarding. You need to meet the requirements before you can start a career in this field, but the expected median salary is currently at around $100,000. Even better, there is a huge surge in demand for qualified – women – pharmacists across the country.

Aside from a degree in pharmacy, which takes around four years to complete, you can also add professional certifications and several extra skills to reach the top of your career as a pharmacist. With the healthcare industry growing at its present rate, there is no doubt that there will be many opportunities to pursue by the time you meet these requirements.


Another appealing job to consider, especially if you love animals, is a career in veterinary medicine. There is a wide range of positions and job opportunities you can pursue with a degree in veterinary medicine, including starting your own practice and earning close to $90,000 in median salary working for an existing one.

There is also the role of a veterinary technician, with a median salary of around $50,000. To be a vet technician, you can enroll in one of the best Chicago vet tech schools and earn a degree in this field. The vet tech course is shorter, so you can start working on your career sooner than you think.


Female lawyers are on the rise. It is easy to see why the best lawyers in the country today are often women. Women are persistent, have better analytical instincts, and can understand others better than men. These are the traits you want to have as a lawyer.

You can also expect a median salary of around $90,000 working for a law firm. Meeting the requirements and becoming a lawyer isn’t easy, but you will be healthily rewarded by the time you get your career in this field going.


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