The diets that could be in for summer 2018


As the world becomes more and more image obsessed, so people will turn more and more to extreme diets in order to attempt to live up to what is considered to be the ideal human shape.

This becomes particularly true in the summer when warmer weather, beach holidays and less clothes all fan a desire to lose weight and look good.

As a result, every year new diet fads seem to pop up as a result. What we can expect of the class of 2018 when it comes to the diets everyone will be following? Well, here are four diets that could be in for the summer of 2018.

The Raw Foods Diet

The raw foods diet is based around the idea that cooking food destroys the nutrients and enzymes needed for digestion and disease prevention. As a result, most foods should be consumed raw. This diet obviously appeals more to the 0.05% of the world’s population who are vegetarian or vegan although meat eaters can follow it with raw fish and raw meats. Essentially, anything cooked, processed or pasteurized is not allowed – you can eat foods only in their natural states.

Alkaline Diet

Most of us won’t have had to think about acid or alkaline since high school but take on the alkaline diet and you will do. A quick refresher for those who have forgotten their pH scale – 0 is the most acidic substance, 14 is the most alkaline and they come down to meet in the middle at a neutral 7. This diet focusses on replacing any acidic foods on the 0-6 side of things with alkaline foods on the 8-14 side. These can include fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds – basically anything that comes out the ground – with the aim being to turn the body more alkaline than acidic.

The Starvation Diet

The starvation diet involves restricting your daily calorie intake to 700 calories compared to the recommended daily figures of between 1,800 and 2,400 calories for women and 2,400 and 3,000 for men. The results can be staggering with some people reporting a loss of 30 pounds over eight weeks while the Council Chronicle has also reported that the starvation diet can help cure type 2 diabetes.

Whole30 Diet

The whole30 diet is 30 days of clean living. For one month you cut out all added sugars, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, grains, soy products, dairy and processed foods. The idea is that all of those impact on mood, health, appetite and the choices we actually make when it comes to what we eat. By undertaking a 30 day detox, we can assess which foods we’ve genuinely missed to reincorporate them back into the diet. Once they are reincorporated, we can then judge what effects they have on the body by seeing what changes occur once we start eating them again. It allows us to make a balanced judgement about what is and isn’t good for us and allows for more of a tailor-made diet going forward.



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