The Impact of an Efficient Warehouse Racking System in Customer Service


The growth of a retail business heavily relies on how prompt and efficient they deliver the products to their customers. Statistics show that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for better customer experience. A part of this experience is receiving the correct products at the right time. 

An efficient warehouse racking system has a significant contribution to fulfilling a customer’s needs. It all boils down to how the products are stored and accessed. An excellent system will ensure that the products reach the customer in pristine condition. Satisfied customers will ultimately lead to higher sales in the long run. 

Therefore, retail, manufacturing, or import and export businesses need to invest in a racking system for its warehouse since it can impact customer service in the following ways:


  • Improved Inventory Management


A well-managed inventory will translate to the correct delivery of orders. An efficient racking system will provide accessibility that will allow the easy inventory of products. Wire rack decking systems enable staff to see if the products need replenishment.

For businesses that have a bulk inventory—a few types of products but with high volume—push back pallet racks are advisable. 

Several racking solutions will significantly help in inventory control. It ensures that your customer orders are readily available.


  • Product Safety and Protection


A sturdy racking system will make sure that the boxes and bins that contain valuable products are safely stored. It will prevent the products from being squished and damaged. Proper stacking using metal racks prevents falls and accidents from happening. 

A pallet rack wire decking system does not collect dust and debris, thus maintaining the cleanliness of the area. The customer can receive their orders in tiptop shape.


  • Prompt Delivery


Streamlined warehouse racking systems support employees to obtain the right products in the fastest and safest way possible. Drive-in drive-through pallet racks, for example, enable bulk storage in each room. It decreases the number of aisles needed to reach boxes and bin, thereby lessening the time to extract a product. 

The more efficient the process of accessing and packing a customer’s orders, the faster it can be delivered. It provides a positive customer experience, and that can lead to repeat orders.


  • Competitive Pricing


A company that can safely store seasonal products, like ski equipment, do not need to jack up their prices when the specific season comes since they already have it in stock. There will be no added acquisition cost. 

On the other hand, companies that sell fast-moving consumer goods, such as food and toiletries, can efficiently store their products on racks that maximize space, thus lessening the inventory cost.

These savings can be passed on to the consumers, making it a total win-win situation.


  • Clear Communication


There would be times when a customer will inquire about stock availability or order processing status. By having accessible racking systems, an employee can find the answers to their questions easily. Quick feedback lets customers know they are valued.

A warehouse racking system is invisible to customers, but it provides a firm foundation for excellent customer service. The preparation that happens “backstage” will eventually result in an excellent overall performance of a business. It will then lead to a happy and satisfied clientele. 





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