The Importance Of Women In The Military and Why It’s A Good Career Change


Women who were in the military back in the day mostly had supporting roles for the men in combat. The women were usually nurses or cooks, or had any job that doesn’t involve going into battle against the enemies. But now, women are no longer limited to those jobs because the military became more accepting of women who are ready to fight alongside them, and for good reason.


Women Empower Women


Being in the military is not an easy thing to do. Deciding to join takes a lot of thinking and preparation to be entirely sure of the decision. Then, once you’re in, you’ll need lots of hard work, discipline, strength, and perseverance to make it through all the training.


Women who join the military are an inspiration to women everywhere. According to Norwich University, seven women throughout history have served as influential figures for their military achievements both on and off the battlefield. Their accomplishments helped pave the way for women to be accepted as part of the military.


Recruiting Women Increases the Numbers


Though it’s not a pleasant thought, being in the military, especially those who get deployed in war-stricken places, is dangerous. No matter how much we don’t want to have any casualties, we can’t avoid the fact that it can happen. The more men that die in battle, the weaker the force goes.


Now, not all men are willing to join the army, but so are women. However, if only men are allowed in the military, then they’re missing out on the women who may be willing to join. Back in the day when women weren’t allowed to enter the military for combat, there were still a few who proved that they should be part of it.


Take Deborah Sampson, for example. She disguised herself as a man and fought many battles during the American Revolution. She was only discovered after the conflict and was even given an honorable discharged. Now, things seem to be going in the right direction for women in the military because they no longer have to disguise themselves. Hopefully, it will continue in the future as well.


Gain the Trust of Civilian Women and Children


More often than not, men in the military can appear intimidating. Women and children who live in places that are at war may become frightened of the presence of military men. This can be a tactical disadvantage because, sometimes, civilian women and children have information that can be useful for the military to better handle the situation at hand.


Women in the military can help aid that problem. Women and children may have more trust in military women than men as the former can appear less intimidating and more approachable, which can be beneficial during intelligence-gathering.


Diversity Can Help With Decision Making


Women can be just as good leaders as men. Those who join the military have various roles they can choose from, such as being cooks, nurses, combat officers, and even leadership roles.


According to research, men and women have differences in thinking when it comes to leadership. Men are more of the risk-takers while women are more compassionate and empathic.


To be a leader, you need to be a risk-taker, as well as compassionate and empathic. This is not to say that men only possess the former, but compassion and empathy is not as dominant a trait in men as it is in women. When there are differences in opinion, it can help encourage healthy discussions that may lead to better decisions when it comes to the well-being of the general public.


Why Women Should Consider A Career in the Military


  • Fulfillment – Being in the military can be fulfilling. Imagine serving your country in the most honorable way. You also have the opportunity to help others who are in need, especially those who are living in war-torn areas.
  • Educational Benefits – The military can cover your educational costs if you plan to study during your time in the army or after your service.
  • Health Benefits – The moment you join the military, you, your spouse, and children get full dental, vision, and medical coverage. After you retire, you can still get those health benefits through the Veterans Administration.
  • Housing Benefits – Those who are in the military who have a family can either let the family live on-base or get a stipend for housing off-base.


Final Thoughts


This is a time where women want to show the world that women can do the jobs that men do. The idea of women being in the military may not be as accepted worldwide but allowing women to be in it in some countries is a huge step forward. Hopefully, we continue in this path for the betterment of everyone.



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