The present and the future of water treatment


For human beings, having enough water and remaining hydrated is everything and, quite literally, life. Our bodies need water, as does the planet and all that inhabits it from animals to plants. Yet in today’s world, water can be unattainable for some, and trying to treat and filter the water so that it’s drinkable can be an issue for many people, countries and civilizations. Without water, humans, animals and plants will cease to exist.

To many, the thought of there being a “filtering issue” can be quite shocking, especially if you reside in a country that has clean and running water. However, such issues exist, and this issues doesn’t stop at drinking water.

Consider the great number of industrial production processes involving water, resulting in waste; electricity and power generation, petrochemicals, metal and paper production, agricultural and many more.

Purifying water is also one of the main topics of interest in public companies, for the treatment of urban wastewater, filtration of river water or well water for irrigation, water for swimming pools and desalination.

What does “water treatment” mean?

Water treatment refers to the change and the improvement of the quality of water in order to use it for intended purposes, such as drinking, wasting or recycling.

To achieve these goals, filtering the water is the most common solution. The aim is to remove or reduce the concentration of any unwanted pollutants or impurity held by water so that it’s ready for further processing. The most effective treatment comes through the action of filter nozzles.

How does it work?

Firstly, the raw water goes through the filtration cycle, media retention and fluid filtration resulting in filtered water. The filter nozzle must ensure that the media is properly retained. Once this is done, the media needs to be cleaned using the backwash flow. This loosens the filter media and frees the trapped contamination. The filter nozzle must ensure that the flow is properly distributed.

Once the backwash process is complete, the bed is then allowed to sit before the filter is back to the normal flow. The most critical point in both phases is that the nozzle slots grant the maximum standard of accuracy to guarantee a correct media retention and good performance.

As water treatment is a critical process, the use of quality filter nozzles is required. Companies like Ilmap strive to provide the best filter nozzles for the job, so that people can continue drinking clean water.

Ilmap’s product range is mainly composed of:

  • Filter nozzles in thermoplastic materials and stainless steel.
  • Resin Traps in thermoplastic materials and stainless steel.
  • Accessories for installation of nozzles on plates or pre-casted concrete plates.
  • Accessories for installation of nozzles on pipes.
  • Drainage and distribution systems in thermoplastic materials and stainless steel.
  • Design and construction of complex systems based on customer specifications.

Ilmap provide different industries and public companies with its quality water filter nozzles, involved in different applications:

  • Private companies: electricity power generation, chemicals & pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, metal and paper, food & beverage, agricultural & zootechnics, health & swimming pools.
  • Public companies: drinking water production, urban wastewater treatment, desalination, electricity power generation, domestic & residential applications

Due to the many characteristics of the filtration process, Ilmap offers different kinds of quality filter nozzles:

  1. Thermoplastics Filter Nozzles, offering heat, chemical and mechanical strength. Durability and excellent functionality are assured in any kind of material available, such as Polypropylene, PVDF and ABS.
  2. Stainless-Steel Filter Nozzles, for the best resistance to corrosion, mechanical stressing, cryogenic temperatures and hot oxidation. Austenitic steel filter nozzles are generally used in any aggressive environment and low and high working temperature.

Ilmap offer a wide variety of water filter nozzles, plastic nozzles, stainless steel nozzles, related accessories, and also Resin Traps. Every productive need can be satisfied, thanks to the known experience in many fields of application.

Ilmap periodically tests and verifies its products and materials. In addition, according to the regulations in force, the Polypropylene, PVDF and ABS products are certified by the manufacturer and can, therefore, come into contact with drinking water.


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