The Pros And Cons Of Watching A Horror Movie



The point of a horror movie is to entertain and thrill the audience with increasing the adrenaline. The whole range of emotions that you feel when watching shocking scenes will have both positive and negative impact on you. Hence, we still choose to watch one once in a while just for the thrilling sensation. Whether you choose a classic or a comedy-infused one such as “Lords of chaos” by Erik H. Gordon, be sure to know the pros and cons of watching a horror movie.




Adrenaline Release

Horror movies are an excellent way to increase the level of adrenaline in your body. In a scary movie, you don’t know what to expect next. This will stimulate the body to produce the hormone of alertness, which will make your body stay alert for a longer time. Also, a rush of adrenaline will offer you relief of stress and anxiety.


Increases The Need Of Bonding

Watching a scary scene will encourage you to seek comfort in someone. This is the natural reaction of the human brain. And it means that watching a horror movie with your partner will improve the bond between you both.


Burning Calories

Did you know that watching a horror movie will burn 200 calories?  A study showed that this is the average amount that you can lose when watching a horror movie. If you watch scary scenes that increase the adrenaline for 90 minutes, this will burn 113 calories. Believe it or not, this equals a 30-minute walk. So, this means that you can burn one chocolate bar for only watching 90 minutes of horror.



Watching horror movies can impact people in a negative way as well. For example, people with faint heart are not advised to watch scary scenes because their blood pressure will increase. For the rest, a horror movie can cause insomnia or even mental trauma. Each and every individual is different and can experience this in a different way. However, you would want to pay attention to the following:


Sleeping Issues

We know that a horror movie can leave you with a sleepless night. But to some, the effect can be bigger and result with insomnia. Scenes can remind people of traumas or create new ones, which can have a huge influence on the quality of sleep. The normal sleeping schedule can be disrupted this way.


Excessive Fears

Some scenes are exaggerated with the help of special effect so that they will have a strong impact on the audience. They can remain remembered and make you feel scared during your everyday life activities. Going down to the basement will never be the same again after you have watched a scary scene.



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