The Top Amazon FBA Dropship Success Stories You Should Know


Amazon has been known as one of the largest online platforms where you can buy different kinds of products – from apparels and home decors to electronics and even gift ideas. It’s seen as a reputable and trustworthy company, which is why people across the world are choosing to purchase products from them. Today, Amazon continues to create solutions for people, but this time, they are offering a tool for businesses to thrive and grow. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is one of the many services by Amazon; it allows businesses to utilize the brand’s services as their own. When a business acquires FBA, they need to send their products to one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers and Amazon will be responsible for packing and shipping their products to their customers. This process is called dropshipping.


Dropshipping is beneficial for many businesses, especially for those that are still new or small. Because another party will handle the inventory, the business doesn’t need to have a brick-and-mortar store to get the ball rolling. Several tasks will also be loaded off from the business, permitting them to have more time and resources to handle other aspects of the business. To paint a clearer picture of how useful FBA’s dropshipping service is, read through some of these success stories:


Success Story #1: Dropshipping store that made $6,667 in less than 8 weeks


Businesses owners aren’t the only persons who can use FBA’s dropshipping services. In fact, even individuals who don’t produce their own products can earn and become successful by using this service. In order for them to achieve success, they kept the following things in mind:


  • Find a niche: Because these individuals don’t produce products on their own, they can sell those that are already available on Amazon. This platform sells several kinds of products, but you shouldn’t make hasty decisions when choosing what to sell. Aside from conducting product niche research, you should sell a product from a niche that is personally appealing and interesting to you. For example, if you’re always keen on what the celebrities are wearing today and what fashion trends will be “in” next season, consider selling apparels either for men or for women. When you sell a product that is up your alley, you’ll be motivated to continue your efforts long term.


  • Social media validation: Regardless of the niche you’re going to pick, you’re not the first and only seller who will offer your products. Most often than not, several other sellers and businesses are already doing this for years. If you want to stand out from the competition, determine what your potential customers really want through social media validation. Take time to visit Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and look for posts or statuses that talk about your products. Some online users might want a pair of jeans in different colors or floral tops. Look for these products at Amazon and sell these as your own. When you know what your potential customers want, it’ll be easy for you to satisfy them.


  • Marketing, marketing, and marketing: All of your efforts to carefully select products to sell will be useless if you don’t market it. If no one knows that you’re selling such products, no one would be buying from you. Depending on your target audience, look for marketing strategies that are applicable to them. Opt to use different kinds of resources, such as – Best Course, for you to come up with effective marketing strategies. These strategies shouldn’t only become your medium to promote your products, but it should also become an avenue for potential customers to reach out to your business.


Success Story #2: Dropshipping success that made $1M in sales in less than a year


Having a college degree and even your own business is never a guarantee that you’ll be successful in the future. Success can be attained through different avenues, like dropshipping services. There are a lot of people who achieved their success and financial independence through FBA’s dropshipping services – not by working 9–5 or running their own business. They were able to do just that by using the following strategies:


  • Let go of fears: FBA’s dropshipping services can be a godsend. However, some people would tell you otherwise. The Internet is basically full of articles telling you that dropshipping doesn’t work or it will take long for you to see any results. If you’re planning to use dropshipping to earn and become successful, put all those notions behind. You should be confident that this service will help you achieve your goals, not a roadblock. Having a positive mindset can pave the way towards your success.


  • Fail fast: Several people have become millionaires because of FBA’s dropshipping service. However, most of them weren’t able to achieve success using one dropshipping store alone. They actually failed in their first attempts, learned from it, and became better in their next dropshipping store. This is something you should always keep in mind. Regardless of how helpful dropshipping services are, the possibility of failure will always be there. What’s important is you fail fast and learn from it.


  • Commit to your goals and dreams: When you experience failures from your dropshipping efforts, it’s important that you commit to your goals and dreams. These will become your fuel to continue what you have started. For example, if you want to earn money because you want your business to expand in two years, treat this as your inspiration. Remind yourself of the bigger picture so any failure will not stop you from using FBA’s dropshipping services.


Success Story #3: People who have zero experience took risks and succeeded


When you know how e-commerce works, you’ll have better chances of succeeding using FBA’s dropshipping services. This is true to some extent, but many people, even those with zero experience in e-commerce, have become successful through dropshipping services. They started with a clean slate, worked their way to the top, and reaped positive results in the long run. So even if you’re clueless on the processes or procedures of e-commerce, don’t fret. The following tips can help you achieve success using FBA’s dropshipping services:


  • Find the right supplier: The image you create on the World Wide Web depends on the supplier you work with. Sure, you might be using different marketing mediums at the same time, but if you can’t provide products according to customers’ demand, all of your efforts will be worthless. You won’t gain any customers, and you’ll only look unreliable. Steer away from this direction by choosing a credible and reliable supplier. Start by scouting for at least three options, compare their products and services, and narrow down your search. As much as possible, choose a supplier who can handle the demands of your customers, strives to create a long-term professional relationship with you, and knows the importance of customer service.


  • Put effort into your website: Using dropshipping services might help you cut cost, but this doesn’t mean that you should do the same to your own website. On the contrary, you should exhaust time and effort to make your website look good. Your website should be accessible and easy to use. Most importantly, your website should provide a unique user experience. All of these factors can influence your brand and image as a seller.


  • Keep an eye on the competition: Expect that you will experience competition the moment you acquire FBA’s dropshipping services. Usually, your competitors have been using the same platform long before you became a seller. To avoid being a “me too” kind of seller, pay attention to what the competition is doing. What kind of varieties do their products have? What are their marketing strategies? How do they write their product descriptions? Learn what they’re doing and benchmark. Determine which works and which doesn’t in your niche, and apply this knowledge to your own offerings.


Your Effort Counts


FBA’s dropshipping service is flexible and convenient, making it possible for businesses to succeed in the long run. If you’re leaning towards taking this direction, don’t solely depend your success to this service. You should also exert effort to provide high-quality products and promote your offerings as well.  


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