Three Paperless, Eco-Friendly Options for Getting the Latest News

Once upon a time, the only way to get the latest news was via reading the daily or weekly newspaper that you’d have delivered to your home or buy from the local newsagent. However, times have certainly changed, and today, there are several great ways of staying up to date that mean you can get your news quicker, easier, and without making a detrimental impact on the environment. Of course, newspapers are still in circulation, but as it becomes more and more important to preserve natural resources, paperless news sources are and will continue to grow in popularity. If you read the newspaper, finding alternative, paper-free ways to get your news can help to reduce your carbon footprint. Here are the best environmentally friendly options for staying up to date with the latest local, national, and international happenings.

#1. Notifications to Your Phone:

Today, most of the major news broadcasters also offer a mobile app, which comes in handy if you want to stay up to date with the latest news on the go. In addition, you can set most news applications to send you push notifications about important breaking news from all over the world, meaning that you’ll be notified as soon as it happens through your device. As long as you have a modern smartphone or tablet, you should have no problem sourcing your news this way. Since there’s no paper involved, and electricity use is becoming eco-friendlier thanks to advancements in solar and other renewable energies, this is quickly becoming one of the greenest ways to stay up to date

#2. Social Media:

Another excellent way of staying up to date with all the latest news from your local area to worldwide is via social media. Trending hashtags on Twitter can be a great way to find out what’s important right now and even add your own opinion or thoughts on the matter. On Facebook, you can follow a selection of news and current affairs pages, from political news from around the world to celebrity gossip profiles where the latest information is posted regularly to appear on your timeline.

#3. Blogs and Websites:

With so many news websites and blogs now available, most people can safely say that they’d never have to pick up a newspaper again if they didn’t want to. As long as you have a laptop, smartphone, or tablet that connects to the internet, you can find the most recent news on any topic with a quick search. Google’s ‘News’ option in search is great for narrowing down your results to make sure that only news articles are shown. You can also find some great information and alternative opinions on a range of topics by heading to news blogs such as Apex Beats, where you can read the latest headlines in business, health, science and more.

It’s easier than ever before to choose paperless, eco-friendly methods of getting your news today. Thanks to news websites, apps, and social media, you can stay up to date whilst being kinder to the planet.


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