Three Ways to Reduce Your Business’ Pollution


For any business that operates over a large facility, occupying a large area of a town or city, you’ll be directly culpable for part of the pollution that exists in your area. This can be roughly delineated into two types of pollution: that which affects air quality, and that which produces waste that can end up in rivers, on streets, and in landfill. For companies that value both their local communities and the world around them, reducing pollution should be a top priority. Read on to learn some simple ways that you can tackle your environmental impact as a company in 2020.

Air Pollution

Most companies do not produce their own energy onsite. That means that they rely on the energy produced nationally in order to power their output. The problem with the majority of this energy, of course, is that it’s carbon-producing. That means that the air pollution in your local area is, in part, your business’ responsibility. Thankfully, as a business turning over a hefty profit, you’re able to invest in renewable energy production — by installing solar panels or erecting a wind turbine — in order to both save on your pollution and save the cash you spend on energy, over time.

Meanwhile, if you’re a delivery company, or one that uses trucks to transport goods across the country, attempting to make this part of your output carbon neutral will be more difficult. Attempt to invest in the best vehicles with the lowest carbon footprint until cleaner and greener options are available.

Material Waste

When you’re working in a fast-paced environment, it’s often difficult to understand just how much waste your company produces as a whole, over time. This can be staggering when taken in its entirety. You have two main responsibilities when taking into account your material waste: you need to try and reduce the overall waste that your company produces and increase the portion of this that is recyclable. You can do both of these by:

  • Pressuring your supplies to use only recyclable materials for deliveries
  • Looking to other recyclable options within your own material usage
  • Training staff to use materials wisely and to reuse materials when they can
  • Installing recycling bins and areas throughout your facility

When it comes to disposing your recyclable waste, look to for the right compactor to help you manage the quantity of waste that you’re producing in your company. With these machines, you can produce neat blocks of cardboard and paper for recycling companies to pick up from your facility. 

Other Pollutants

There are other pollutants that run through companies and these can be wide-ranging and incredibly bad for the environment. One of the worst pollutants from big businesses is in the form of chemicals, which can enter local water supplies, poisoning wildlife and even humans. Reducing your chemical consumption and disposing of chemicals responsibly is one of the most important ways you can impact positively on the environment from the confines of your business in 2020.

Reducing your business’ pollution is a long journey, but with the advice introduced above, you can make it happen over the course of the next decade or less, making your business more eco-friendly as a result. 


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