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When we buy a new property, the inclusion of a spare room is one that is rife with possibility. Having a spare room can often bring with it some grand plans, but very often those spare rooms simply become a dumping ground for mess. If your spare room is nothing more than a storage space filled with unwanted furniture, books, and boxes of junk, then it may be time to come up with some new ideas. That room could be put to a multitude of uses, and could even make you some money too. If you’re currently wasting the fantastic resource that is your spare room, then these ideas might just transform your home.


The Guest Room


This is by far the most popular option for people with a room going spare. The problem is that if it doesn’t get much use, then it’s invariably going to quickly start acting as a storage space again. If guests have to move boxes off the bed before they can climb in, then your guest bedroom is not being all it can be. Shift all of the clutter, and invest in renting a Roll Off Dumpster Baltimore for convenience so that you can rid get of those unnecessary items quickly. You could even start listing your guest bedroom on Airbnb, making your spare room a potential source of income too.


A creative space


If you have creatives in your home, then you could transform your spare room into a whole workshop. Whether you or family are budding artists, writers, or even make their own wood carvings, that spare room could become a hub of creativity. Remember, if you do decide to convert your spare room into somewhere creative, that you’re going to need lots of storage space. Look at the best shelving and closet ideas, and make sure that you pay attention to the flooring. Carpet will be a mistake if everyone is throwing paint at a canvas. Paint the walls in a color that will encourage creativity, and watch the imaginations soar.


Combine ideas


It can often be the case that everyone in your household has a different idea for the spare room. The good news is that you don’t have to limit yourself to just one idea. Multi-functional spaces are one of the most popular trends in interior design in 2018, and that looks set to continue into 2019. A sofa bed is a good way to keep the function of a guest bedroom without the commitment to space use. Use creative partition ideas to keep your home office area away from the creative space, and you could even integrate a full redesign into the shape of the room. Pay attention to storage and your spare room might be able to satisfy everyone in your home.


Don’t let the clutter in your spare room put you off. Start small, and make an early decision as to what you want the room to be. Talk to your family members and come to an agreement that suits you all. Before you know it, you could be wondering why you let that room sit empty for so long.


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