Tips For Parenting A Troubled Teen


Being a parent is a very rewarding job but at times it isn’t always an easy one to do. You love your child and want what’s best for them, but it’s possible they make it difficult for you to love and be there for them by pushing you away and rejecting your care. 

Having to deal with a troubled teen is a challenging undertaking and will certainly test your patience. However, it’s important that you stick with your child and try your best to help them succeed in life. Remain hopeful and optimistic that with a few adjustments to your approach, you both can find more peace and happiness in your days. 

Seek Professional Help


It may be in your best interest to reach out and seek professional help for your teen if the situation is slowly becoming out of hand. For example, maybe they’re hanging out at parties and always getting into trouble with the law. In this case, you might want to consider seeing a counselor as well as contacting someone in the Charleston Law group to see if they can help you work your way out of a sticky legal situation. 

Try to Listen 


Another tip for parenting a troubled teen is to avoid making assumptions or judgments. Instead, choose to sit down and listen to your child and hear what they have to say. You can often learn a lot about a person and their perspective by lending an open ear and taking the time to consider their viewpoint. If you’re always the one doing the talking then you might miss out on important information and signs that could help you to better handle your situation and teen in the long run.

Look for the Cause or Source


There may be good reason as to why your teen is acting out lately so try to get to the bottom of it. Take the time to look for the cause or source of what’s igniting their poor behavior and attitude. For example, it could be that they’re struggling with their schoolwork or feel like they don’t have any friends. If you can pinpoint the reason behind their actions and feelings, then maybe you can try to work through the issue together and find a resolution so they can feel better.

Communicate Rules, Boundaries & Expectations


It’s important that as a parent of a troubled teen, you don’t let them walk all over or take advantage of you. Remember it’s your house so you’re in charge of setting and communicating the rules, boundaries and expectations to your son or daughter. Be mindful that when they do challenge you, that you’re prepared in how you want to maturely handle the situation so it doesn’t spiral out of control. 



Unfortunately, your troubled teen isn’t likely going to take a turn for the better overnight. Helping them to heal and feel confident in their own skin is going to be a process and may take some time. Put these ideas into practice and remain positive that as the days pass you two can find some common ground and work together to overcome your challenges and tribulations. 


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