Tips on How to Get Rid of Cockroaches



Searching for an way to get rid of cockroaches? Fortunately, today, we will be going through quick and useful pest control tips you can use to eliminate cockroaches in your home. It’s pretty evident that people don’t like cockroaches, and they don’t want them in their homes or apartment. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, landlord, or tenant, you don’t want cockroaches crawling inside your property. There are easy tips you can do to reduce their numbers.


Eliminate Their Food Sources


The first thing to keep in mind is that they will be feeding off of food sources such as crumbs, oils, and grease that you may leave on your counters or stovetop. So, you must focus on keeping your kitchen clean and make sure you have a clean environment. Make sure your garbage is covered because the more there is easy access to food sources, the more likely you have cockroaches. 


There are three things cockroaches need to survive. Having an adequate food source, water, and shelter. As mentioned above, eliminating those food sources by sealing food away in cupboards and cabinets; then, cleaning up after spills and messes will be an effective way to make sure you don’t end up with any cockroaches in your home. 


Eliminate Water Sources


A leaky faucet might not sound like a big deal and something you can leave unchecked for a while. However, leaky faucets and pipes are the primary water source for cockroaches. Cockroaches will generally hideout in dark spaces underneath appliances and sinks. So, they are often found in kitchens in bathrooms where they will have access to leaky faucets or toilets. It doesn’t need to be a huge water source; there needs to be a small amount of water available. Make sure you’re sealing up any leaks in your pipes to avoid attracting them inside your house. 


Understand the Environment


Typically, cockroaches they live in temperatures that are over 75 degrees. The warmer it is, and the more humid it is, the better they thrive. Cockroaches reproduce quickly, so you want to make sure you don’t have an ideal environment for them in your home. 


If you lower the temperature inside your home to under 70 degrees, you won’t eliminate cockroaches, but you will certainly slow down their breeding process and reduce their numbers. Cockroaches die very quickly when the environment gets cold, so this an interesting strategy you can use is freezing them out. 


So, if you thought your toaster oven was infested with cockroaches, you could bag up your appliance and freeze whatever cockroaches were residing in there and freeze the bag. This would kill any cockroaches that were hiding out in there. If you live somewhere up north, then you could then stick it outside to freeze the cockroaches out once you bagged up your appliance. 


Once you bring your appliance back inside, you want to make sure you clean it properly to get rid of any remaining cockroaches that might have survived, but this can be a unique method of getting rid of those pests. 


In Summary


When you use the tips that have been mentioned above, it can go a long way in helping you get cockroaches out of your home. However, if you do have an infestation of cockroaches, it’s always recommended to call a professional pest control service. Cockroaches are still hard pests to rid of, and they are known for their survival. Therefore, it goes a long way to contact professionals and have them treat the issue and ensure your home is pest free. For more information on pest control services, click here



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