Top 5 Effective Time Management Tips for New College Students

In everything you are doing time is essential. You need to plan your time well to make sure you complete all your plans. For students, you may think that you have all the time to spend on other stuff apart from paying attention to your studies. As a college student, you need to ensure that you manage your time appropriately.


How will I plan my time effectively? Once you join college, this is the first thing you need to know. When you don’t master on time management, you will find that you are spending your time on other things that are not helpful to your studies. You can also ask for help


Here are five practical time management tips for you when you join college for the first time.

Sleep and Wake Up Early

When you join the college as a freshman, you need to know when to sleep and wake up. Sleeping on time will enable you to rise early. When you practice this, you will do all your activities with a clear mind. If you find this hard purchase an alarm clock or set it on your smartwatch or smartphone.

That will be easy as when the time to sleep and wake up approaches you will be notified — enabling you to plan your day effectively. You are advised to do this because it reduces less and helps you do many activities in a single day. It also helps you to eradicate interferences during the day.

Organize Yourself

To be successful in college, you need organization. That will make you know when to study and when to do co-curricular activities. Ensure that your room is organized and avoid clutter. Your study materials should be well organized same to your other stuff that facilitates your stay in college. When you look at students who perform well in college, many of them organize themselves well.

Don’t Multi-Task

One thing that will make you waste a lot of time while in college is multi-tasking. Once you do many things at the same time, you will become confused, and you cannot perform the task appropriately. If you are reading and talking to your friends, the chances of you understanding what you are studying are very low.

So, when doing a specific task, ensure that you focus on one task before you go to the next. When you multitask the ability to concentrate will be low, which can affect your health. For example, you are reading while walking, and you can hit something and fall, causing you to hurt yourself. Also, the activity you are doing will not be operative.

Create a Timetable

While in high school, having a timetable is vital as you need to know which subject to study at a time. You joining college should not make you stop having a schedule. The only thing that will change is the activities that you will be performing. To ensure you use your time effectively, you need to have a timetable that will guide you while in college. A schedule is essential as you will know when to study, work, rest, and exercise. Therefore, make it a must that you have a timeline when you join college.

Buy a Journal

Did you have a journal before? It is not a sin. You can buy one when you join college. When you have a journal, it will be easy to know which things you can do and what to avoid. You can only make such a decision when you write all that you do down as you rest.


To manage your time well, you need to make mistakes. It is so healthy in life. Therefore, as a new student in college try planning your time by doing different things on different days. To achieve what took you to college, make sure that you plan your time always.




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