Trendy Hats for your Summer Season



Summer season is fast approaching and many will be conscious about their faces and skin whilst some would like to go to the beach to do some tanning as it will be the most relaxed place during summer and spring. These are the seasons when it will be too hot which you will end up just wearing either sando, short pants and slippers wherever you go. If you do not want your skin be exposed, you might be just wearing very thin long sleeve clothing as well as thin and cool long pants whilst bringing an umbrella wherever you go.


Being so mindful about your skin, especially that pretty face which you wanted to always look fresh, you might be thinking of ways on how to keep it intact, no pimples or skin rash or sun burns due to sweat and from direct sun’s rays. One way to avoid being sunburns would be the use of hats if you are lazy holding your umbrella everywhere. Hats are too handy and are also fashionable, which will make you look more beautiful and sometimes may boost your confidence.


There are a lot of hats you can wear; some are even multi-purpose hats. They can be worn in any special occasions or when you go out for a walk or even when you go to the beach for some refreshing. Let’s read on some of the useful hats women usually wear on these particular seasons.


  1. Fascinators – A fascinator is usually worn on important occasions such as weddings, especially if it is a small one. This serves as a head embellishment. Meanwhile, its usage is not only limited to weddings or any important occasions, as there are also bigger fascinators where you can wear whenever you want to go out for a walk.
  2. Kentucky derby hats – Just as the name of the hat is, it is usually worn on a derby. Kentucky derby hats are very much needed during the event especially if you are seated on a place where there is no shade. It is not only in this purpose that the hats are being worn. It is also a time for women to bring out the best fashion in them by wearing their kentucky derby hats, along with their spectacular outfits.
  3. Tea party hats – These are the best choices to wear when going out on a party, may it be during the day or the night. These hats can also be replaced by fascinators.
  4. Floppy hats – These hats would be considered to be the best option for women going out for a walk, especially if you are not going to bring out an umbrella with you. With the season being too hot, it is really lazy to go out with a lot of things as it will just make you perspiring before you reach the place you are supposed to go to.
  5. Bowler hats – Accordingly, this kind of hats is also called derby and it is probably named after a derby horse race in England. Men usually wore this kind of hats meanwhile women can also wear this if they prefer to.
  6. Beret hats – These hats may not be the best choice for a summer season meanwhile they are considerably good option for fashion.
  7. Beach/sun hats – With the name itself, these hats are the best hats when you are going to the beach. Most of these hats have wider brim too.


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