TV Bracket Mounting: What You Must Know


TV bracket mounting isn’t the toughest DIY career there is, and using the perfect equipment, some patience, and maybe a assisting set of hands the career is usually accomplished in a very few hours. Ahead in the TV bracket mounting job you will want to have an electrician operate the cabling and wires for your device. If you might be a true multi-dimensional handy guy or gal and want to tackle that portion of it, as well, start off by purchasing cable that is rated for in-wall use.

Other than that, typical practices apply. Ideally, you might wind up using a cable feed box along with a power supply box on either side of a single stud, inside exact place you program the TV bracket mounting hardware. When that’s in place, setting up your TV bracket mounting unit can begin. Just before fixing anything towards the wall, double verify that the bracket you selected is compatible with your plasma or LCD exhibit. Most brackets for flat display displays are universal, but not all are. As part of this, make certain the TV bracket mounting unit is rated to deal with the weight of one’s flat display TV. If so, grab your instruments which remained after replacing parts in the car ( details you can find here) and get began.


Primary, if your flat display weighs much more than 40lbs, it really is encouraged that all of the TV bracket mounting screws find yourself in wood. If the bracket is 16 inches broad, or wider, and features holes 16 inches apart, you are good. If not, you may possibly must remove drywall involving two studs and nail inside a mounting stud between them.

That could demand far more equipment and far more time, but is really a much greater idea than installing some of the TV bracket mounting screws into a stud and also the others into weak plastic anchors, held by drywall alone. That’s asking for an high priced “oops” when your LCD display bracket offers way and your unit hits the floor.

Secondly, center the TV bracket mounting device above your mounting studs, which you’ve marked using a stud finder. Employ a degree to acquire it straight, and mark the holes for the many screws. Drill small-diameter pilot holes to assist avoid the studs from cracking when setting up the screws. Generally use fasteners three or three.5 inches prolonged, to improved insure they won’t pull out with the studs. Use a screwdriver bit for the drill to drive property the screws.

Lastly, attach the components from the TV bracket mounting kit towards back on the flat screen TV after which it hang the display around the mounting bracket. It’s a little bit more complex than hanging a picture or mirror, but not very much, and shouldn’t tax your expertise too badly. Pocket the money you saved on installation, or set it towards this weekend’s pay-per-view event or to pick up an added channel your important other enjoys. That is always a win-win selection!


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