Types of Garage Doors and How to Choose the One for You


Years ago, garages were utilitarian structures… a part of your home that’s necessary but doesn’t add any aesthetic value to the way your home looks. However, recent changes to the architectural styles of home have made garages an essential part of your home and its looks. Your garage is not just a simple extension of your house.

So, when you look at a garage, what is the first thing that you see? The garage door, right? It’s important for you to choose the right one to add appeal and value to your house.

Types of Garage Doors


  • Vinyl door

This type of garage door is known as kid-proof since it’s hard to dent or break. It’s built on steel frames and is filled with insulation that’s polyurethane. A vinyl door is sturdy and is easy to maintain. Its appearance is similar to a fiberglass door.


  • Fiberglass door

This type of door is less subject to cracking or denting. Unlike steel doors, they never rust, but they can quickly break due to impact. This door is also more resistant to corrosion from saltwater. This light, fiberglass door is usually made by bonding two fiberglass pieces to an aluminum or steel frame that is filled with insulation, made with polyurethane.


  • Aluminum door

This door is cheaper and lighter than a steel door. It doesn’t have the problems of a steel door when it comes to corrosion, but it does quickly dent and bend. It’s typically made with aluminum panels and has translucent glass panels to let more light in.


  • Steel door

This door can be available in different colors and can come with or without insulation. It’s made of two layers of galvanized steel, and its surface is primed and painted with a tough top coat. It’s usually reasonably priced, sturdy, easy to maintain, and available in different styles.


  • Wood composite door

This door is usually made with sheets of fiberboard with a wooden frame. The core of the door is filled with an polystyrene insulation. The door style usually simulates the natural look and texture of wood but has the strength of steel. This garage door can resist splitting and rot.


  • Wood door

This door is built of layers of wood such as redwood, fir, and cedar. It’s usually stained or painted. Among types of garage doors, this requires the most maintenance and needs refinishing from time to time.

How to Choose the Right Garage Door for You


  • Design and style

There are a lot of designs and styles available on the market, which can make it more difficult when making your choice. If you’re going to pick a garage door, you should choose something that compliments your house’s style.


  • Windows

Windows can take your garage to the next level. They can enhance the appeal and appearance of not only your garage door but also other parts of your home. Windows can allow more light to get inside, making your garage more welcome.


  • Material

Choosing the material of your garage door depends on what you want and need. A wooden garage door can give you a more ornate look while vinyl and steel can provide you with durability.


  • Upkeep

When picking a door, you have to bear in mind the expenses of maintenance. Think about the cleaning, staining, painting and other things needed for upkeep.


  • Insulation

Getting a garage that has proper insulation can help you keep down your utility bill costs, especially if you’re going to use your garage area for something else. Plus, insulation can help reduce noise.


  • Safety

Your garage door is usually your house’s largest piece of moving equipment, so ensuring it is safe to use is essential. You should get a garage door with a garage door reversal function and pinch resistance.

Think Twice About Installing Your Own Garage Door

You may think that you’re better off handling your own garage door installation, but it’s always better for a professional to do it. When you need help installing garage doors and more, hire a professional for a top-quality job that will last the years. Aside from having the proper tools, they can quickly get the installation done in less than a day.


Mike is a building expert who has specialised in garage construction for the past 30 years. He currently writes for My Door Pro and is dedicated to building and constructing garages for clients to the best possible standard. In his spare time, he enjoys have a coffee at the local cafe.


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