US Powerball Jackpot Makes Lottery History


On Wednesday, August 23rd, the entire world was in awe when the $758 million jackpot of the US Powerball was won. While the main attraction was the sheer size of the prize, there were some additional aspects that made this jackpot truly one to remember. In this article, we are going to tell you why the $758 million Powerball prize was so important for the history of the lottery.


The $758 Million Powerball Jackpot – The Second Largest Prize in Lottery History

The US Powerball jackpot of August 23rd, 2017, worth $758 million is currently the second largest jackpot to ever be won in the entire history of the lottery. And while this is impressive enough on its own, let us put it into context for you so that you can take in its true value.

The US Powerball and the Mega Millions lottery have been competing for the top spot in the American lottery market for quite a few years now. On March 30th, 2012, Mega Millions had a huge jackpot of $656 million, which became the largest lottery prize at the time.

It took the US Powerball until 2016 to overshadow such a large prize, but when they finally did, it was all that everybody talked about. On January 13th, 2016, the Powerball lottery held the single most important draw of all times. Millions and millions of lottery fans were all in the game to win the legendary $1.58 billion Powerball jackpot.

After this draw, the Powerball lottery became the best-known lottery in the whole wide world because it was the only one to ever exceed the billion-dollar threshold. It took the record for the largest jackpot from the Mega Millions, which became the runner-up. Since then, lottery players from all over the world have been waiting for history to be repeated because the $1.58 billion jackpot was simply larger than life.

And in August 2017, it came close to doing exactly that, as the jackpot got larger and larger with every rollover. And on August 23rd, one very lucky player from Massachusetts took home a whopping $758 million. All of sudden, nobody cared that the jackpot did not get to $1 billion because the win as an event in itself.

It became the second largest jackpot of all times and it moved the Mega Millions $656 million prize to the third spot on the list, which is a very important move for the Powerball lottery. Another record set by the $758 million jackpot was that for the largest lottery prize to ever be won on a single ticket, which makes this one a true jackpot for the books.


Mavis Wanczyk – The Biggest Lottery Winner of All Times

Soon after the event draw of August 23rd, the big US Powerball jackpot winner came forward and the internet cannot get enough of her. Her name is Mavis Wanczyk, she is from Chicopee, Massachusetts and she’s been a healthcare worker for many years now.

Everybody fell in love with her when she quit her job as soon as she got her jackpot because it was a memorably bold move. Not only is she the biggest winner of all times, but she has already become a household name.

But how much money did Mavis Wanczyk actually get? First off, she opted for the lump payment on her $758 million jackpot, which amounted to $480 million. Please note that her other option was getting the full $758 million in annual installments. When lottery winners want their prize in a single payment, the amount of the prize is sizably reduced.

The, Mavis had to pay her taxes to the United States and to the state of Massachusetts. The federal tax for her $480 million was 25%, which left her with $360 million. Then, she had to pay a 5% state tax, which was approximately $24 million, which left her with $336 million in the end.

While this might not be $758 million, it is still an outrageous amount of money. Mavis Wanczyk’s life changed completely and it was all thanks to that one lucky lottery ticket. She told the press that she had bought five tickets for the big Powerball draw, two of which featured random numbers.

But the one that actually got her the jackpot was the one featuring numbers related to family birthdays and her lucky number for the Powerball. It remains to be seen what Mavis will spend her millions on, but she is already an internet sensation, so prepare to hear a lot more about the biggest lottery winner of all times!


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