Ways To Travel And Keep Work Separate

If you travel frequently for work, as a journalist or in a similar profession, wherever you go you need to keep a curious mind. This can be brilliant for uncovering the best place for local food, the best museum that isn’t flocked by tourists or the most fashionable districts to stroll through. However, being on the ball 24/7 sometimes it’s hard to separate work from pleasure. Here are a few tips to make sure your laptop stays safely in your suitcase (or ideally at home) and enjoy some rare time off.

Travel with friends

Traveling with friends is ones of the best way to ensure that you don’t find yourself checking your phone every 10 seconds. Traveling with your best buds means that not only will be distracted by the opportunity to catch-up and sightsee, but you’ll also have a friendly reminder when you find yourself becoming too work-focused. After all, if you’ve spent your hard-earned money splitting expenses and agreeing on the best places to stay, you may as well enjoy it while you’re there. Visiting restaurants and beaches with loved ones means that not only would it be rude to keep checking on work, but also that you’ll have a pleasant experience to put your mind at rest until you find yourself clocking in with the office back at home.

Pre-book experiences

If you’re a workaholic, sometimes being left to your own devices isn’t a good thing. Pre-booking experiences and group days out mean that you’re given a structured day with planned activities.

  • Find a festival: spending your day lazing about in shorts to the sound of local music and entertainment means you have no choice but to relax and have some fun. Keep your phone on solely for the purpose of taking glitter-filled selfies.
  • Sailing trips: Spotting dolphins, whales and gliding through the archers of seaside caves is a great way to detach your mind from work. You can also find sailing trips with Escape With Pro to help you to find an opportunity that suits your taste in adventure.
  • A food tour: admittedly, if you’re a food writer then this might prove difficult, but if you spend your days tracking current affairs then investigating a country’s national cuisine could provide some healthy mental respite. Food tours are incredibly popular, and you’ll find everything from brunch to beer in many different countries.

Forget your laptop charger

The idea of this might cause anxiety for absolute workaholics, but if you’re truly on holiday, then there’s no need to bring your laptop at all. If you truly can’t bear the idea of leaving your laptop behind, then bringing your laptop without its charger will severely limit your time checking work. You’ll be limited to the battery life of your portable device, which will serve as a healthy reminder as to where your time should be being spent. Check your emails, close your laptop lid, and enjoy your vacation. If part of your problem is your employer sending too many emails, then it’s advised to plan ahead and inform your company well in advance that you’ll be off-grid.

If your job or your personality type makes it difficult for you to switch off while on holiday, then there’s plenty of techniques to try and keep your mind off your workload. If your day-job involves a lot of traveling, remember to appreciate that you can explore without the responsibility of not reporting back. Sit back, enjoy a cocktail and know that work is miles away, and at the very least a few days away too.


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