What HR Managers Can Do to Increase Employee Motivation

Are you a strong believer in your company? Is there a fire that burns inside of you that motivates you to be better and more successful at your job every day? If yes, then you’re lucky, become not every employee of your company might feel the same. But why is that? Oftentimes, things are far out of your control, but that’s not always the case—there are various things HR managers can do to improve employee motivation and create a much healthier and happier atmosphere in your company. 

Communicate for the win

Employees aren’t just faceless means to an end goal for your company. They are the main ingredient that allows your business to stay afloat, so remember to treat them as such. Instead of distancing yourself from employees, make sure to be transparent and communicative. If they know they can rely on you and share issues, they will be much happier at work. 

Set realistic goals

When setting goals for your workers, make sure to make them specific and realistic. Goals that are too vague or too hard to reach will do just the opposite of motivation and make your successes feel meaningless. 

Show your appreciation

Everyone who does a good job deserves recognition and appreciation. When they know they’re doing everything well yet there’s no one to notice it, people tend to feel their motivation to keep up the good work wither and die. So, make sure to offer words of praise and even provide some bonuses and rewards for success stories in your team. Even if the project failed but everyone did their best, it’s still worth mentioning—failure is a crucial step towards progress. 

Boost health 

Healthy workers and happy workers and that’s often a fact. If you nurture your employees’ health, you will quickly notice a boost in productivity and a decrease in sick days and missed deadlines. So, make sure to provide people with fun break rooms and organize active team outings. Standing desks that allow people to work on their feet VS sitting down is also a great idea. When employees can mix seated work with standing work, they will get to reap the best benefits and keep their motivation and productivity high. 

Ask for their opinion

Employees are a huge part of your company, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they can offer valuable input into various questions and issues concerning your business. So, make sure to encourage HR to involve employees into decision-making processes, especially those that directly concern them and their area of expertise. Additionally, asking questions like “What do thing about X?” or “What would you change about X” or “Where do you think we’re making mistakes?” is a great way to show that you appreciate their insight and opinions. 

Allow them to grow

One of the best ways for HR to motivate people is to allow them to grow and advance within the organization. There’s nothing not to like about the promise of promotions for the job well done. However, overworking your employees in hopes that they will get a promotion is not a very healthy way to motivate people. Instead of getting them to invest their blood, sweat and tears into a promotion, allow them to get easy access to additional training, free courses and seminars and other ways that will better their skills and allow them to grow professionally. 

Do your best to provide them with good work/life balance

Every person today struggles to find a good balance between their personal and professional life. However, a good HR manager can help employees find that delicate balance and be happy at work and at home. For instance, you can treat employees with extra vacation days based on their performance and accomplishments. Additionally, you can also offer more flexible work hours and even allow work from home in some cases. Meeting your employees’ needs and being understanding can go a long way when it comes to motivation and loyalty to your company. 

Be positive

This one is very hard to achieve, but being full of energy and spreading it through the office can do wonders for motivation. If you’re naturally enthusiastic, this will not come hard for you, but if you’re not, you might learn how to fake it for everyone’s good. Be in the moment and provide people around you with plenty of energy and they will return the favor. 

As long as their needs are being met, your employees will continue to make the magic happen. So, make sure to encourage and educate your HR managers on these practical methods that will keep people motivated and happy with their jobs. 


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