What To Consider When Choosing A Criminal Attorney


Having to face criminal charges, no matter how small the case is, can be very stressful. Paying the required fines, facing incarceration, dealing with the cost of hiring a criminal defense lawyer, and a stained streak on your criminal record can get the best of you. That is why it is very important that you do not face this alone, and with the right lawyer, you should be able to face the situation easier than when by yourself. With a good criminal defense lawyer to help you with the legal proceedings, you should be able to protect your rights and win over the criminal charges against you.

Before anything else, here are the factors to consider when choosing the right criminal attorney for you:

Round up a list of local criminal attorneys in your area

With each state having their own set of laws, hiring a local attorney who is familiar with the laws of your corresponding state will only seem fit for the situation. Thanks to the Internet, you can easily search for local criminal attorneys in your area without having to go through the yellow pages. The local bar association should have a full list of attorneys who specialize in criminal law that you can browse through.

You can also gather a list of attorneys through referrals from friends, family, and colleagues. Their recommendations might be based on their own experience with corresponding lawyers and this should be helpful for you.

Conduct research about each attorney

Since now you have the list, the next best step to do is to gather the vital information of each listed attorneys. The easiest way to gather details is to reach to them through their firm’s telephone number—via phone you can begin to ask about their availability to accept new clients, their hourly rate, and their vacant time for a sit-down consultation regarding the criminal charges against you.

Review the retainer agreement

A retainer agreement is a contract between you and your criminal attorney. It is important that you thoroughly read the terms and conditions indicated in the contract before you sign it. In the retainer agreement, you will find:


  • The capacity of the attorney’s representation, including the flat fee and the services provided
  • The hourly rate and billing methods on how the attorney prefers to be paid
  • How the retainer agreement can be terminated should there be a need for it


After having reviewed the retainer agreement, you should obtain an original and signed copy of it. As a client, it is your responsibility to abide by the terms and conditions stated in the contract including your payment obligations and your honesty to your lawyer.

Client-attorney relationship


It is crucial that you feel comfortable with your chosen attorney for you will be spending months with him or her trying to win the case. You will also be needing to disclose every vital information to your lawyer in order for them to serve you better in defending you in court.

Looking for the perfect criminal attorney to help you with your case can feel overwhelming especially when situation now needs you to filter down the list to one final attorney to defend you in court. Learn to use your critical thinking skills and then it should be easier for you to end up with the right attorney that can help protect your rights.


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