What to Expect in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

When you’ve been injured due to someone else’s recklessness, neglect or criminal intention, it’s in your best interest to hire an attorney and file a suit to receive damages. Compensation for your injuries, known as damages, cover your medical bills, loss of income and any pain and suffering or other problems you have had as a result of the accident. 

Get Medically Treated

The first step you need to take in your personal injury lawsuit is to go to the nearest emergency room. It’s important for your health to find out whether or not you have any underlying problems. You will need documentation from the treating physician describing your diagnosis, prognosis, and other relevant details. However your injury occurred, a doctor needs to treat you. 

If you delay then the personal injury defense team will have a very strong argument. They will claim that you took too long to seek treatment because the injury didn’t bother you that much. They will try to argue and say whatever they need to protect their money by not paying you what you deserve. 

Meeting With An Attorney

Obviously, the best thing to do is to hire an attorney who will stand up to the insurance companies for you. You want to hire not only a competent attorney but one with many years of experience and a track record for success. No lawyer can make any guarantees of success, but a great lawyer does fight for you, regularly communicates with you, and guides you through the process calmly. To learn more visit justicelawyers.com.

Investigating Your Case

During this phase, your attorney will be investigating your claim. They will review the information from the police report if your injury was caused by a car accident. If you were bitten by a dog, then you may have a police report. In a possible medical malpractice case, evidence will be collected of your condition from before and after the incident, as well as medical records from another doctor who has treated you since. They will also need information about your salary or wages so they can calculate your loss of wages to include in your settlement amount.

An expert witness may be called in. This is a person from either the field of law enforcement, medicine or a specialty area for cases involving faulty products, animal attacks, and other injuries. This person can speak about the evidence and help build a better argument for your case. Additionally, witnesses will also be called in to give their testimony.

Will Settling Be Your Last Step?

At this point, a settlement offer letter is sent to the insurance company, who has been working with their claims adjusters to come up with an amount to pay you. Negotiations go on between the insurance company and your attorney until you reach an acceptable settlement, at which point you are done. Your attorney will explain to you how your compensation will be paid to you and answer any last questions you have.

Filing A Suit

If you cannot agree on an amount with the insurance company, or if there is a dispute about the facts, then your case will go to trial. Most attorneys try to avoid that, as there is always the risk of losing and the client getting a worse outcome than if they not filed at all. But if you do go to trial, you want to hire a great attorney who will fight hard for your damages!



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