When Is It Suitable to Change Door Lock?

It is advisable to always have a 24/7 locksmith at hand. You never know when you are going to need an emergency change of locks. Your safety should always be a priority and a locksmith who understands this should be kept close by.

No matter how safe you think you are, some situations require that you change door lock as a prevention measure and for your peace of mind.

Circumstances That Require You to Change Door Lock

There are numerous circumstances when a change of locks for your doors is inevitable.

When there was a break-in or attempt to break in, change the lock to a more secure model. Having an intruder invade your house is nothing new. Unless your door was open, the intruder tampers with your lock.

Change locks after you have lost your keys. Whether someone stole your keys, or you dropped them in a place you couldn’t reach, the risk is equal. You never know who might get them. Waste no time and get a replacement.

When you move to a new apartment, change locks. Most people like to keep spare keys with a friend or family member, and the previous occupant of your new apartment may have done the same. You can never know how many copies are out there.

Change door lock when you end a roommate agreement or fall out with someone who lived with you or had access to your keys. You can never know what’s running through someone’s mind. Anger and painful experiences like divorce have caused people to do heinous acts. Better safe than sorry.

Even the most secure locks are subject to wear and tear. You need to change your lock as soon as there is any sign of weakness. A weak lock makes you susceptible to burglary.

Some houses were built years back when locks were of lower quality, or the landlord was not willing to invest a good quality lock. If this is the case with your house, get a modern lock model.

A sudden illness or accident could leave you disabled, and incapable of using complicated locks, a change of locks, in such a case, becomes inevitable.

Picking the Right Door Lock

In addition to fixing the locks correctly so that they are not easy to tamper with, the right locksmith should give you accurate advice on the best lock depending on your needs and insurance requirements.

The function of the lock also plays a vital role in making a choice. Are you changing the lock after a burglary attempt? You need a high-security lock.

Did the bathroom door lock wear out as a result of frequent usage? The durability of the lock, in this case, is most important.


It is only fair that everyone on the premises should be in a position to use the doors irrespective of their physical condition, so make changes when the need arises.

You don’t only need to change door lock when it no longer functions, but on the slightest possibility that someone else could have the key. Your safety is not a gamble.


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