Where to invest in up-and-coming business capitals around the world


You already know the biggest, most established business capitals around the world: London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Tokyo, among others. However, those storied, established capitals come with saturated markets and high prices.

If you are looking to grow your business, make an investment, or acquire real estate, you will get the best return on your efforts or investment by choosing one of these up-and-coming locations instead.

In the US

It is not what you think of when it comes to start-ups or international headquarters, but Oklahoma City is rated as one of the best if not the best city in America to start a company. It has a relatively large population of over half a million, though it is nowhere near megacity status, such as LA or New York. Unemployment rates are low at 3.5%, but the median housing cost and cost of living are dramatically lower than the national average, making it attractive to young professionals and economical for businesses to bring in staff. The city-sponsored business incentives don’t hurt, either.

In Europe

Skip London and head for the UK’s other major transport hub, Edinburgh. The city has incredible culture and history, delivers on the lifestyle, and has a thriving business community. Finance and technology businesses are booming there, and a number of national and international companies call this city home. The cost of living isn’t as challenging as it is in London but is on the higher side. The aesthetic and cultural appeal of the city makes it easier to connect with top talent, and real estate investments in town are stable and offer high returns.

In the Middle East

Dubai gets all the press, but it is not the only thriving city for business or real estate investment in the Middle East. Several countries in the region can be problematic for business investment due to restrictions around foreign ownership. Try Amman, Jordan for its more conducive regulations and relative peace and stability. It is particularly strong in technology, tourism and health care. Dubbed “Silicon Hills,” it is a key web services provider to the whole region. If you are looking for real estate investment opportunities, your opportunities widen to locations across the UAE and Egypt.

International investing is getting more accessible all the time with online communication and tools. Use an exchange comparison service to get the best rates on your money transfer from the UAE to the UK, or US to UK. Fees on large investments in real estate or overseas companies can really stack up since they are usually based on a percentage of the total sum, so shopping around to get the best exchange rate and fees can save you surprising sums on these larger purchases.

Investing in an up-and-coming business capital instead of better-known international capitals can help you make the most out of your investment dollars. More established business hubs and population centers tend to come with enormous surcharges on real estate and the cost of living, not to mention more competition on every front.


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