Why are Office Cubicles Better than Open Spaces?


Recently, more and more companies are redesigning the layout of their office floors. Gone are the days when each employee has walls and other dividers to keep distractions out of the way. Many corporations are revamping their spaces and entirely ditching the partitions.

However, some stuck to the traditional office cubicles. Most of the time, employees have the freedom to design their cubicles the way they want to. It gives them a sense of comfort while keeping a professional environment.

What is An Office Cubicle and An Open Space?

Office cubicles are partitions between one or many employees who are sharing space without dividers or open space. It is intended to use it to give the office workers some privacy and an area free of distractions. 

Meanwhile, open space is an office area without physical barriers. It allows quick interaction between employees but is also an invitation for a lot of disturbances. Thus, there are still a lot of companies that kept the cubicles in their offices.

Why is An Office Cubicle Better?


An office cubicle gives employees a sense of privacy. Anyone who works in an office handles sensitive company data and do have personal belongings with them. Therefore, they can keep any file without the worries in the storages contained within their cubicles.


It takes comfort and peace for anyone to function well in their daily lives. With office cubicles, workers can decorate and design their spaces, which can give them peace of mind. At the same time, other people would think twice before disturbing someone so focused on their jobs inside their cubicles.


A well-organized office cubicle layout adds to the aesthetics of the place. It optimizes the design of the office. At the same time, it blocks out most distractions, which gives the employee the chance to work and focus on his job.


Office cubicles are more than the thin blue walls with plastic windows to keep their co-workers out. A lot of office furniture stores offer innovative designs that companies can use to their advantage. They may choose which one/s represent their brand’s identity most.

Put up some family pictures, inspirational quotes, or even a tiny succulent to motivate you to get through the day. Not to mention, giving them a choice to decorate their spaces boosts their productivity by up to 30%. While keeping a professional environment.

When you invest in an office space, you are free to design it as you like to help fit the aesthetic of your company. Most of the time, buying an empty workspace can be cheaper and can help you realize your vision as you wanted, and Houston’s office space prices come at a great deal. You don’t always need to go for the most flashy space to make something amazing and memorable out of it.

Reduce Distractions

With cubicles, it would be difficult for employees to see what their neighbors are doing.  At the same time, their next-cubicle coworkers would find it challenging to distract their colleagues as they please. Thus, everyone can focus on the task at hand. 

Also, when you work in an office, chances are there would be a lot of people talking at once. Some of them may even shout as they speak on the phone. Nevertheless, it can be very distracting for people as they work.

Noises are one of the most stressful factors in which a person has less control. It creates a diversion or even steals away the focus since you cannot cover your ears all the time. Some companies are also against the use of headphones in their workplaces.

Putting up the partitions is enough to block out even a small amount of noise. Employees have a higher chance of giving full attention to what is in front of them rather than on the other side of the wall.


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