Why Drinking Horns Are Becoming The New Trend


Every year, there’s something that becomes trendy. It could be in fashion, Internet slang, and memes, or maybe even phone features. There’s always something that piques the interest of a majority of people. These days, drinking horns are all the rage. You no longer have to drink your favorite beverage in boring old glasses and cups. But why are they trendy right now? Let’s find out:


Social Media


The Internet and social media have a significant role in why drinking horns are trendy, like many other things that become trends. One simple post on social media can reach the whole world thanks to the wide and public access of the world wide web.


People connect with others, and they can see each other’s posts. If a person posts a particularly eye-catching photo of a drinking horn, let’s say at least one person shares it on their social media account. And then, on the second person’s list of friends, another one shares it, too, and so on.


Even if no one shares it, somebody can still find it if you put hashtags on that post. Hashtags curate social media posts and group everything that has the same hashtag. So, if a person posts a picture of himself or herself using a drinking horn, there will be people who’ll wonder where they got that and would love to get one for themselves.




People take time and effort to curate their social media accounts to appeal to people and gain more followers. The people who have a strong following on their social media accounts are known as influencers. They’re like Internet celebrities. They may not appear in your television or movie screens, but you’ll always find them on the Internet.


Those influencers promote stuff on their social media accounts so people would know more about the product and buy them. If a particular influencer has a huge following, then it means more people will know about it. It’s similar to the way people create ads in between TV shows or even sports games.


Recurring Trends


Trends from the past always come back. It’s very evident in the fashion and beauty industry. Clothes that were trendy back in the ‘90s are starting to come back, like denim skirts and shirts, oversized shirts, crop tops, and chokers. Some people may call it vintage fashion because they first appeared years before.


Drinking horns aren’t exactly a new concept. People from the Middle Ages and through the Early Modern Period used drinking horns as vessels to hold their beverages. You’ll usually find drinking horns depicted in paintings where gods like Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, are using it. Vikings are also associated with drinking horns.


It may not be categorized as a trendy item back then because it’s what people use on a regular basis. Now, it’s more of a whimsy item that people can choose to try. And much like vintage fashion, old things can fascinate people, which leads to them trying out what’s it like to drink as if they were from the Middle Ages.


Good For The Environment


People are starting to raise awareness of the bad state of our world. The environment is suffering, and people are beginning to notice the horrible effects human activity does to mother nature. There are mountains of trash everywhere, whether on land or water. Animals are dying because of the garbage they accidentally ingest.


Plastics are what’s usually in that garbage because it takes a millennium for them to decompose. Some people are already taking action such as restaurants and fast food establishments replacing their plastics with paper, including their drinking cups.


Drinking horns are environmentally-friendly because they won’t add to the trash since they’re not made of plastic materials. They’re also reusable, which means you don’t have to throw them away and use another one every time you want to drink.


It’s Unique


There are plenty of restaurants and cafés everywhere that compete for customers. One way they can boost their sales is by thinking of something that others don’t have yet. It’s why lots of concept restaurants and cafés pop up everywhere, such as cat and dog cafés, or nautical-themed restaurants.


The décor and ambiance of a place attract customers, and with the popularity of social media, if it’s “Instagrammable” then expect that people will be posting about it.


Final Thoughts


Thanks to the Internet, it’s easy for things to go viral. One interesting post about anything at all can gain lots of likes, shares, and follows. Through this, drinking horns are starting to gain popularity. If you have a fear of missing out, or what’s commonly known as FOMO in Internet slang, you might want to join in on the bandwagon, too.


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